Friday, April 30, 2010

Batting .000 This Week...

No, I am not talking about Teix (Sorry, Marky Mark) but about my blogging, or lack there of. I have a lot to say about baseball from the week, I swear. Life has gotten in the way of this blog (HOWEVER, I have been Tweeting aplenty. Follow @YourBBallGirl to enjoy my wit in 140 characters or less).

I promise to have an entry tomorrow two entries this weekend. I also promise that they will be life-changing. Maybe so great that it brings about the second coming...Eh, but I'd rather that waits until after the 2010 season wraps.

Until then, enjoy this clip from The Simpsons "Homer At The Bat:":

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Suit Up!

The Yankees got to go to the White House yesterday because they are good guys at sports.

Jeter for Cap'n President                                                                 Image/PicApp
Obama Meets With World Champion NY Yankees At White House

President Obama's unwavering support of the White Sox is amazing, even when in the presence of a far-superior team.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Tread On Me: Links from this week

I had a really, really good week, perhaps unlike a certain Oakland A's pitcher who thought he could win a pissing contest with A-Rod.

Gerrrr Off My Mound, Pretty Boy!                                                 Image/PicApp
New York Yankees at Oakland Athletics Unfortunately, my week was somewhat lacking in baseball. The Yanks games were late or during biz hours and my busy schedule meant sleep took priority over watching a game that went into the next morning in NYC. Fret not, dear reader, I knew what was going on. I still did my reading, thanks to my Tweeps, like @KimJones, @NYPost_Yankees and @BloggingBombers, who awesomely live Tweeted the game on Thursday, allowing me to follow while continuing to be a good PR girl.

  • I do not care about the football draft. I do, however, care to see cute pictures of Drew Brees. But I still probably won't play Madden '11: USA Today Game Hunters
  • Kim Jones updated her YES Network blog with a piece on Hughes' arm/Musings from Oakland: Keeping Up With The Jones
  • Some Good Mets News. How Refreshing: ESPN
  • Must. Not. Rejoice. In. Pain. Of. Others.: LA Times
  • Ouch. Sorry, Adrian and all the fans of your hometown team: Paneech
  • Past ouch. And another reason to dislike the Indians: MLB
  • Really cute Mother's Day idea that is way more memorable than flowers: White Sox
  • Lastly, my dear friend, Sarah, who is commenter "Frenchie," sent me this link about fantasy play. I am hoping that she may want to become our fantasy baseball guest blogger: AM NY
I missed seeing the triple play live, so I probably missed a few articles too. Post them in the comments!

And special thanks to my friend Howie (Happy Birthday!!!)and my sister, Lisa, who is in town visiting me (Yay!!!). They watched an inning and a half with me last night, even though they wanted to play Mario Bros. We got to that eventually.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    B is for Baseball. C is for Cookie (UPDATED)

    Baseball = Love. Baking = Love. Here is a whole lotta love.

    Made half of these cookies for my friend's father, Marc, a Brooklyn Dodgers Mets fan who did something incredibly nice for me.

    The rest are for my sister's visit tomorrow and anyone else lucky enough to get one of my sugar cookies with vanilla buttercream frosting.

    Want one?

    An update - My cookies inspired others to bake...
    A chocolate chip cookie by Blake. Yummy!

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Beating the Off-Day Blues: Texas Rangers Massacre Game One

    No Yankees today. Fine. Safe travels out west, boys.

    Friday night I went to Game 1 versus Texas Rangers. I bought the tix that morning and I knew it was going to rain, so I went for the covered terrace level seats (Yes, yes, I am a genius) but it was still freaking freezing. Whatever, April.

    I went to the game on a date - yep, that is all the information you get. I had my new Nikon Cool Pix with me and got some pictures that put my old camera to shame (sorry, dude). The zoom is amazing and I couldn't have been any closer to A.J. Burnett Derek Jeter then if I had Martha Stewart's dugout seats.


    Another ol' stadium shot

    Zoom! Used for good.

    Zoom! Used for mischief. People are watching, Derek...

    Close up on Cap'n at the bat (This is from row 6 of section 408. That's high up and far right outfield, peeps).

    April showers

    Rain delay. Rain out. Still a good night.

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Got a Brand New Broom: Links from this week

    O-Cedar makes your life easier
    The Yanks swept Rangers in three. I am very proud of all of you boys. Keep 'em coming.

    Late post. Enjoy this Monday morning with your coffee. It's infinitely better than the fourth hour of the Today Show.

     Post any links I missed in the comments, please and thank you!
    • Use this nerd program, Mathematica, for something important. Which is baseball: Wolfram blog
    • It's April. Just settle in, boys: MLB News
    • Meat Eating Turtle Swatters: 7th Inning Stache
    • Inside the new stadium that no one everyone is talking about (Thanks for the link, Caitlin, who is awesome and a Dodgers fan): ESPN
    • Even when the Mets win, people just won't let them win: NYT Bats
    • Lay off the White Sox, ya hear?: Bleacher Report
    • Siiiiiiigh, Vasquez: NYP Yankees Blog
    • My college friend Pete's site gives a tour of Yankee Stadium (last year). Pete is a Mets fan, so do him a favor and check out the other cool stuff on the site too: Kid's Site 2
    • Remember when A-Rod was a Mariner? No? Well, Seattle Times does: Seattle Times

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Player of the Game: Be Still, My Heart

    Despite what someone thinks, A.J. Burnett is not my biggest Yankees crush. But I do love his tats, which is why I chose the pic below and not one from today when he had sleeves over his sleeves (lousy Smarch weather...).

    He sure did pitch like a champ today, going 7 innings with 115+ pitches, no runs and 6 Ks. *pat on the butt*

    A.J. pitching in B*ston last week                                                                             Image/PicApp
    New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

    Texas Rangers Massacre: Game Two

    Loving it.

    Happily watching the game at home. I do not like weekend games at the stadium since I have to censor my f-bombs on account of the large number of families in attendance.

        Face!                                                                                                  Image/PicApp
    Rangers' Teagarden collides with Yankees' Rodriguez in the third inning of their MLB American League baseball game in New York

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Baby's First Complete Series: The Yanks vs The Angels

    I had never been to a complete Yankees series before and well, I have definitely developed a taste for it. My two days and one night at the park this week were so much fun that I just have to go back tonight* to see my boys take on the Rangers.

    The Yanks took the series 2 out of 3. We all would have loved a sweep but Vasquez wasn't pitching and the rest of the boys weren't hitting in game 2. Games 1 and 3 were much easier to watch...

    *Hey Stub Hub, you can give me back all my fees in advertising dollars, just email me!

    Game One, Home Opener:

    Sad face; but I do love the new stadium

    I was especially jazzed to get this pic because I got the 1947 and 1949 flags, the birth years of my parents (sorry, Mom...)

    This puppy needs a baseball cap or something...

    Joanna sez, Freddy is awesome

    Brett Gardner getting his ring. I know it is blurry, I was climbing on a rail to get the shot.

    Play ball!

    First pitch. Go Andy!

    Cap'n's first at-bat

    Here comes Mo to save the day (Grr, Robertson. GRRR!)

    That's the game! Great job, boys!

    Games 2 and 3 coming soon...I have stuff to do before the game tonight.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Sorry, Guys, I Kind of Forgot You Were a Team

    As I blogged and Tweeted (and TwitPic'd), my good friend, Adrian and I went to the Yankees v. Angels game yesterday. I knew she was a fan but I did not know that it was her first Yankee game, at either stadium, until we were settling into our seats. "I went to a lot of Pirates games with my parents as a kid," she said. "But none in New York, until today!"

    Cute and excited for her first ever Yankees game!
    Ohhhhhhh! Riiiiiiiight! The Pirates. I always kinda, sorta forget about that team. I am very AL-centric when it comes to baseball (obvi) but I do usually have an idea of what is going on in the NL East because of the many adorable Mets fans in my life. But somehow, I just don't think about Pittsburgh's boys of summer.

    After the game, Adrian and I went to Opal in Midtown East to take advantage of the free ladies' happy hour from 6 to 7 (But only after calling to confirm that they would be honoring their advertised special this time. Ahem. This isn't Citysearch, so I will stop there). We chatted with some fellow game-goers and ended up seeing the start of the Mets at Rockies game on the TV above the bar.

    Granted, I was on my second third vodka club at the time, but I couldn't help staring at the pitcher's cap during the top of the first and thinking CR? CR? WTF? Oh! Colorado Rockies. I don't think the Rockies have been on my radar since, well, I wanted them to beat B*ston in the 2007 series.

    I don't seem to be the only one forgetting about certain teams. Last year, the A's, the Marlins and Adrian's beloved Pirates had the three worst attendance records in MLB. Oakland often played to half-filled stadium, both at home and on the road. The Reds (the other team in Ohio) had fewer than 2 million fans see them play at any park last year and the Royals, rounding out the bottom five, had more fans see them on the road than at home. Womp womp.

    The state of the economy played a big role in reducing stadium attendance. But even though there were often empty premium seats at Yankee Stadium last year when NYC was really suffering during the recession, the Bronx Bombers still managed to be second in overall attendance and the Mets were (not really) close behind in 7th place. My childhood team, the White Sox, who were very middle-of-the-road last year were middle-of-the-pack in attendance, well behind the more-popular but much-suckier other team in Chicago, who played for more fans than 24 of the other teams.

    Of course, true fans stick with their team through thick and thin and I have to give much props to fans of the Marlins, the A's and Nationals-converts, who have often had to witness stadium waves with huge gaps of empty seats but still cheer on their home team boys. Randy Quaid, from Major League II, salutes you too:

    And Tony Danza is squinting really hard into your outfield for signs of wings.

    I Don't Want to Talk About Yesterday's Game

    At least not right now...

    Although, Adrian and I did look super cute in our section 408 seats:

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    I Am Lazy...

    ...Not really, just busy. I have to go get ready for today's game with Adrian (Yay! One of my super hot friends to photograph for the blog!) and will have pics from yesterday's game up a bit later, as well as today's. Here are a few to tide you over until then:

    Pour a lil Bud Light out for the old stadium

    Fans at 10:45 am. Love the early arrivers!

    Have you noticed I like taking pictures of the jerseys people wear?
    Mo to the Rescue!

    A Totally Unscientific, Informal Poll: The Yanks Have No Competition

    Yesterday, while I milled about outside Yankee Stadium looking for a ticket and taking pictures, and after the aforementioned awesome Rebecca sold me her extra ticket, I chatted with nearly 200 game-goers. I asked each of them a poll question in honor of the Home Opener - which means I should have about 200 new readers, right? Identify yourself in the comments, new friends!

    I asked my fellow Yanks enthusiasts (and two Mets fans in hiding) to think big picture, not necessarily just the AL East, and tell me who they think is the biggest threat to the Yanks' quest for #28 this year. This often sparked a fun conversation about who has the best pitching and who doesn't have any bats  - I love talking baseball, why I started this blog! Overwhelmingly, fans agreed that we had to get past B*ston to get anywhere, including October:

     The Twins bar is lime green because I was sick of using red...

    Thank you to everyone who chatted with me. Below are pictures of some awesome Yankees fans. Sorry to the people I spoke to later whom I didn't get to photograph. I need a new camera battery. Well, really, a new camera.

    Click on any picture to enlarge

    I called the lady on the left "Super Fan" before I noticed the sticker on her face that said "Super Fan!" I loved their enthusiasm & wanted to sit with them at the game but they didn't have an extra ticket.

    Ladies love the Yankees!

    Very nice guys who had a lot to say about pitching.

    I totally wanted to have a beer with these people but I had more fans to meet.

    These guys wanted me to buy them a beer. Sorry, boys, my $50 was for a ticket, not four beers

    Two very, very nice couples.

    I didn't ask, but I have a feeling these guys are Bleacher Creatures because they are so funny and so very vocal.

    My new friends with amazing seats. Hoping to see them on Thursday when I have an amazing seat too.
    And after that, the red low battery light on my camera started flashing and I had to save what little battery power I had to get a picture of Bernie throwing out the first pitch and Brett Gardner stretching catching fly balls in left field.

    Please add your prediction in the comments - and no, the Cubs is not a legit answer.

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    I Got A Ticket: Highlights from the Home Opener

    What a game! I will speak with you about your "relief" pitching efforts later, Robertson. In the meantime, please enjoy top highlights from my morning and afternoon in the Bronx while I go to the gym to workout/get the tickets for tomorrow's game from my awesome friend, Janelle.

    1. Speaking to nearly 200 Yankee fans (and 2 Mets fans) before the game about who they think the Yankees' biggest competition is this year - Poll results to come later tonight.
    2. Seeing Bernie Williams throw out the first pitch. There is only one Bernie Williams.
    3. Watching my boys get their 2009 World Series rings!
    4. Jeter's home run in the 1st, which I dedicated on his behalf to my niece, Edanne.
    5. Swisher's diving catch in the 7th, taking an extra base hit away from some Angels player (Nicky didn't return in the 8th...)
    6. Matsui getting a standing ovation that garnered a curtain call-style hat tipping at the plate.
    7. Matsui striking out less than a minute later to another (near) standing ovation. I love Yankees fans!
    8. The fact that Nick Johnson comes to bat to "Party in the USA." I think my best friend, Tom, now has his first ever baseball player crush.
    A special shout out to Rebecca, who very cooly sold me her extra ticket at a discount. You rock, Rebecca!

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Congratulations, Cubbies! You Won a Game!

    I can't help my (partly in jest) disdain for the Cubs. I grew up a White Sox fan in the 90's, when the Good Guys may have sucked a bit, but they were not sucking all the time, like the Cubs.

    "Yay! We hit the ball!"                                                                                           Image/PicApp
    Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs

    And as a Yankees fan, well, I just like winners.

    And on a related note, please enjoy this awesome vintage Simpsons clip.

    Beating the Off-Day Blues: Yankee Stadium 2009

    Tomorrow is the Home Opener at Yankee Stadium! Hooray! Which means that today is an off-day. Boo! I can't even amuse myself by watching the Cubs Home Opener because the team doesn't matter enough to get airtime in NYC because I don't have the $500 cable package that would give me the channel.

    Ah well, looking at pics from Yankee Stadium last year and buying my pretty baller seat for the game on Thursday have occupied some time. Enjoy the pics from August 27, 2009 when the Yanks took on (and lost to) the Texas Rangers.

    Click on any picture to enlarge

    Girardi rocking 27. Will he wear 29 next year? Cervelli may be asking himself the same thing.

    Peeps with very nice seats.

    Two Donny Baseballs and a Bernie. Excellent choices all around.

    I got quickly kicked out of this seat by the ticket owner. Sigh.

    At least from my seat I got a good view of last minute warm ups. Stretch it out, boys!

    I hate when my quads & hamstrings get tight too...

    Captain at the bat.

    Yanks have the bases loaded. Conference at the mound...

    A fellow Brett fan.

    Snapped on the way out.

    While the Yanks did lose to the Rangers at this game, it was late August, when the pennant race heats up. The Yanks were comfortably in first, so I told myself that the loss was okay, because it might have helped the Rangers get the Wild Card over the Red Sox. Might have.

    There will be Home Opener pics from Yankee Stadium tomorrow. What time the pics are up will depend on whether or not I can get a last-minute (read: cheap) ticket outside of the stadium. Cross you fingers for me!