Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ahhhhh Spring!

Nothing brings a smile to my face like spring. While it feeds my girly-girl side, with the abundance of flowering trees and shopping for light jackets, it mostly means to me that the long, hard, baseball-free winter is over and I get my favorite sport again. And I get it just about every day. All the magnolia trees and Burberry trenches in the world don't get me jazzed like the crack of a bat and a cute behind in Pinstripes (or any uniform, but we will get to that later).

Sunday night, I had the pleasure of watching the Yankees at Boston (well, pleasure until the later innings) at my friend's swank Midtown East apartment. She in her Teixeira jersey and me in my well-worn Yanks cap as we watched every pitch, cheered on our boys and toasted to an excellent 2010 season.

While I am a Yankees fan, I also just enjoy the game. Yesterday, at the gym, I biked 15 miles and watched with rapt attention as the Astros and Giants slugged it out in their first game. I love going to Citi Field (or Shea II, as I sometimes call it) to cheer on the Mets and whomever they inevitably lose to, and my childhood favorite team, the Chicago White Sox, still holds a special place in my heart.

That's a little about me and my love of the game. There will be so much more coming throughout the season, including interviews, musings on the game, lots of pictures from my stadium travels, funny essays and well, the occasional link round up.

Play ball,

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  1. I had to vote for the Cubbies even though I know they won't win--they have to at least get some votes.

    Like the picture at the top of this blog page!