Monday, April 19, 2010

Beating the Off-Day Blues: Texas Rangers Massacre Game One

No Yankees today. Fine. Safe travels out west, boys.

Friday night I went to Game 1 versus Texas Rangers. I bought the tix that morning and I knew it was going to rain, so I went for the covered terrace level seats (Yes, yes, I am a genius) but it was still freaking freezing. Whatever, April.

I went to the game on a date - yep, that is all the information you get. I had my new Nikon Cool Pix with me and got some pictures that put my old camera to shame (sorry, dude). The zoom is amazing and I couldn't have been any closer to A.J. Burnett Derek Jeter then if I had Martha Stewart's dugout seats.


Another ol' stadium shot

Zoom! Used for good.

Zoom! Used for mischief. People are watching, Derek...

Close up on Cap'n at the bat (This is from row 6 of section 408. That's high up and far right outfield, peeps).

April showers

Rain delay. Rain out. Still a good night.


  1. You're obsessed with the old stadium - get over it!

  2. Nice pics! Especially Jeter :)

    New Nikon camera, huh. Good.