Monday, April 12, 2010

Beating the Off-Day Blues: Yankee Stadium 2009

Tomorrow is the Home Opener at Yankee Stadium! Hooray! Which means that today is an off-day. Boo! I can't even amuse myself by watching the Cubs Home Opener because the team doesn't matter enough to get airtime in NYC because I don't have the $500 cable package that would give me the channel.

Ah well, looking at pics from Yankee Stadium last year and buying my pretty baller seat for the game on Thursday have occupied some time. Enjoy the pics from August 27, 2009 when the Yanks took on (and lost to) the Texas Rangers.

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Girardi rocking 27. Will he wear 29 next year? Cervelli may be asking himself the same thing.

Peeps with very nice seats.

Two Donny Baseballs and a Bernie. Excellent choices all around.

I got quickly kicked out of this seat by the ticket owner. Sigh.

At least from my seat I got a good view of last minute warm ups. Stretch it out, boys!

I hate when my quads & hamstrings get tight too...

Captain at the bat.

Yanks have the bases loaded. Conference at the mound...

A fellow Brett fan.

Snapped on the way out.

While the Yanks did lose to the Rangers at this game, it was late August, when the pennant race heats up. The Yanks were comfortably in first, so I told myself that the loss was okay, because it might have helped the Rangers get the Wild Card over the Red Sox. Might have.

There will be Home Opener pics from Yankee Stadium tomorrow. What time the pics are up will depend on whether or not I can get a last-minute (read: cheap) ticket outside of the stadium. Cross you fingers for me!

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