Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Tread On Me: Links from this week

I had a really, really good week, perhaps unlike a certain Oakland A's pitcher who thought he could win a pissing contest with A-Rod.

Gerrrr Off My Mound, Pretty Boy!                                                 Image/PicApp
New York Yankees at Oakland Athletics Unfortunately, my week was somewhat lacking in baseball. The Yanks games were late or during biz hours and my busy schedule meant sleep took priority over watching a game that went into the next morning in NYC. Fret not, dear reader, I knew what was going on. I still did my reading, thanks to my Tweeps, like @KimJones, @NYPost_Yankees and @BloggingBombers, who awesomely live Tweeted the game on Thursday, allowing me to follow while continuing to be a good PR girl.

  • I do not care about the football draft. I do, however, care to see cute pictures of Drew Brees. But I still probably won't play Madden '11: USA Today Game Hunters
  • Kim Jones updated her YES Network blog with a piece on Hughes' arm/Musings from Oakland: Keeping Up With The Jones
  • Some Good Mets News. How Refreshing: ESPN
  • Must. Not. Rejoice. In. Pain. Of. Others.: LA Times
  • Ouch. Sorry, Adrian and all the fans of your hometown team: Paneech
  • Past ouch. And another reason to dislike the Indians: MLB
  • Really cute Mother's Day idea that is way more memorable than flowers: White Sox
  • Lastly, my dear friend, Sarah, who is commenter "Frenchie," sent me this link about fantasy play. I am hoping that she may want to become our fantasy baseball guest blogger: AM NY
I missed seeing the triple play live, so I probably missed a few articles too. Post them in the comments!

And special thanks to my friend Howie (Happy Birthday!!!)and my sister, Lisa, who is in town visiting me (Yay!!!). They watched an inning and a half with me last night, even though they wanted to play Mario Bros. We got to that eventually.


    1. And A-Rod deserved being yelled at. He should've been fined by his GM or sat for a game by his manager. Jeter would NEVER have done anything as disrespectful as touching the pitcher's mound, especially in the middle of an inning. The pitcher was right, A-Rod should learn from his captain

    2. No, he shouldn't have done that. I made the point about Jeter on Twitter and I am already working on WWDJD? T-shirts.