Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fielder's Choice: Links from this week

I read a lot about baseball every week. Here is what I found extra interesting.
 This picture has nothing to do with links. It just makes me giggle.                 Via/PicApp
  • That's right, Mariano: USA Today
  • Winning a World Series, u r doin it rong: Chicago Public Radio 
  • Seriously, guys, pick a new team: New York Times
  • Good guys wear black...and bunt: Examiner
  • Mrs. Longoria: NBC Sports
  • I have this article on my fridge. The Cano quote is brills. (from July 2009): The Onion
  • Brett Gardner should play every game. And not just because I want to look at him:
  • Patience in Red Sox batting? Meh, still not worried: On Baseball
  • The Music of the Game: ESPN (via Pop Candy)
Did I miss any good reads? Please post them in the comments.

Please send links to any interesting articles that you read to joanna [at] yourbaseballgirl [com] or Tweet me @YourBballGirl.


  1. More than a week old, but you might enjoy this:

  2. Poor little thing on the photo.. This sport not only makes your butt gigantic but also makes you eat the ground!!

  3. I will take a baseball player with a shapely behind over a soccer player with a broken nose and skinny legs any day, Frenchie.