Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got a Brand New Broom: Links from this week

O-Cedar makes your life easier
The Yanks swept Rangers in three. I am very proud of all of you boys. Keep 'em coming.

Late post. Enjoy this Monday morning with your coffee. It's infinitely better than the fourth hour of the Today Show.

 Post any links I missed in the comments, please and thank you!
  • Use this nerd program, Mathematica, for something important. Which is baseball: Wolfram blog
  • It's April. Just settle in, boys: MLB News
  • Meat Eating Turtle Swatters: 7th Inning Stache
  • Inside the new stadium that no one everyone is talking about (Thanks for the link, Caitlin, who is awesome and a Dodgers fan): ESPN
  • Even when the Mets win, people just won't let them win: NYT Bats
  • Lay off the White Sox, ya hear?: Bleacher Report
  • Siiiiiiigh, Vasquez: NYP Yankees Blog
  • My college friend Pete's site gives a tour of Yankee Stadium (last year). Pete is a Mets fan, so do him a favor and check out the other cool stuff on the site too: Kid's Site 2
  • Remember when A-Rod was a Mariner? No? Well, Seattle Times does: Seattle Times

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