Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Got A Ticket: Highlights from the Home Opener

What a game! I will speak with you about your "relief" pitching efforts later, Robertson. In the meantime, please enjoy top highlights from my morning and afternoon in the Bronx while I go to the gym to workout/get the tickets for tomorrow's game from my awesome friend, Janelle.

  1. Speaking to nearly 200 Yankee fans (and 2 Mets fans) before the game about who they think the Yankees' biggest competition is this year - Poll results to come later tonight.
  2. Seeing Bernie Williams throw out the first pitch. There is only one Bernie Williams.
  3. Watching my boys get their 2009 World Series rings!
  4. Jeter's home run in the 1st, which I dedicated on his behalf to my niece, Edanne.
  5. Swisher's diving catch in the 7th, taking an extra base hit away from some Angels player (Nicky didn't return in the 8th...)
  6. Matsui getting a standing ovation that garnered a curtain call-style hat tipping at the plate.
  7. Matsui striking out less than a minute later to another (near) standing ovation. I love Yankees fans!
  8. The fact that Nick Johnson comes to bat to "Party in the USA." I think my best friend, Tom, now has his first ever baseball player crush.
A special shout out to Rebecca, who very cooly sold me her extra ticket at a discount. You rock, Rebecca!

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