Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's a Perfect NYC Evening for Baseball...

...Too bad the Yanks are in Boston, trying to win the rubber game of their first series (thanks for beating that term into our heads during the pregame show tonight, Michael Kay).

Mets fans took the wave to Shea Citi Field, after NYC experienced record-breaking 90 degree weather today. Game-goers are now enjoying some summertime baseball weather during the first week of play.

Last year, I saw the Mets play (and subsequently lose to) the Braves on a hot August evening, almost exactly like tonight. Here are a few pictures from my trip to see the Mets in 2009:

This was not the view from my seat, but I had to pretend that I could actually see the numbers on the backs of the jerseys.

This was the obstructed view from my seat. I went to the game with the alumni association from my tiny UES Manhattan college, so we were not going to have sweet box seats...(Notice the Mets have the bases loaded. If I recall correctly, they stayed loaded)

I spent a couple of innings (seriously) in the Shake Shack line for my burger and vanilla shake. Worth. It.

Naturally, I found some boys in jerseys to be in a picture. I bet they would have posed for my camera, but I prefer the candid shot from behind, don't you?

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