Friday, April 9, 2010

My Nieces Are Total Yankees Fans...

This may not seem like a huge accomplishment considering my level of fandom, however my brother, their father, is a White Sox fan and my sister-in-law, their mother, is a die-hard Cubs masochist fan, so this kind of  is a major feat.

At age four, I taught my niece Edanne, now six, to say "I love the Yankees. I don't like the Red Sox. I love Derek Jeter" and I bought her a kid-sized Yankees cap. Any time Jeter hits a home run, I make a point of letting her know that he hit it for her.

My proudest Yankee moment with Edanne was learning that she had defended the Yankees to a group of  pint-sized Cubs fans at a birthday party. She went there happily in her blue Yankees cap and her support of her team shows that she has the spirit of a true Yankees fan.

My younger niece, Lily, aged two and a half, doesn't firmly grasp the concept of baseball. Yet. However, I have gotten her on more than one occasion to say "Go Yankees", which she says as "Go Bankees." I have snapped some very cute pics of her in my Yankees hat, including this one...

My third niece will be born in June and I look forward to buying her a Yankees onesie and singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" as a lullaby. It's good to be an aunt.

Go Bankees!


  1. Bankees suck! I'll get her saying "Go Sox!" by summer's end ...

  2. I will fix any damage that you do.

  3. Edanne already says GO SOX while acknowledging the lack of skill of the cubbies
    Lily will remain a true fan of the South Siders.

  4. Yes, but Edanne is a Yankees fan first.

  5. porque el equipo favorito de todos son los yankees...tambiƩn hay otros equipos

  6. Por que los Yankees son el mejor equipo! Gracias por el commentario. Besos!