Saturday, April 17, 2010

Player of the Game: Be Still, My Heart

Despite what someone thinks, A.J. Burnett is not my biggest Yankees crush. But I do love his tats, which is why I chose the pic below and not one from today when he had sleeves over his sleeves (lousy Smarch weather...).

He sure did pitch like a champ today, going 7 innings with 115+ pitches, no runs and 6 Ks. *pat on the butt*

A.J. pitching in B*ston last week                                                                             Image/PicApp
New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox


  1. It's hard to tell what the tat is - from my perspective it looks kind of like "three wolf moon" ...

  2. I will be sure to ask him for you.

  3. I swear I saw you there! You were walking with what looked like a special needs man. Bless your heart.