Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Totally Unscientific, Informal Poll: The Yanks Have No Competition

Yesterday, while I milled about outside Yankee Stadium looking for a ticket and taking pictures, and after the aforementioned awesome Rebecca sold me her extra ticket, I chatted with nearly 200 game-goers. I asked each of them a poll question in honor of the Home Opener - which means I should have about 200 new readers, right? Identify yourself in the comments, new friends!

I asked my fellow Yanks enthusiasts (and two Mets fans in hiding) to think big picture, not necessarily just the AL East, and tell me who they think is the biggest threat to the Yanks' quest for #28 this year. This often sparked a fun conversation about who has the best pitching and who doesn't have any bats  - I love talking baseball, why I started this blog! Overwhelmingly, fans agreed that we had to get past B*ston to get anywhere, including October:

 The Twins bar is lime green because I was sick of using red...

Thank you to everyone who chatted with me. Below are pictures of some awesome Yankees fans. Sorry to the people I spoke to later whom I didn't get to photograph. I need a new camera battery. Well, really, a new camera.

Click on any picture to enlarge

I called the lady on the left "Super Fan" before I noticed the sticker on her face that said "Super Fan!" I loved their enthusiasm & wanted to sit with them at the game but they didn't have an extra ticket.

Ladies love the Yankees!

Very nice guys who had a lot to say about pitching.

I totally wanted to have a beer with these people but I had more fans to meet.

These guys wanted me to buy them a beer. Sorry, boys, my $50 was for a ticket, not four beers

Two very, very nice couples.

I didn't ask, but I have a feeling these guys are Bleacher Creatures because they are so funny and so very vocal.

My new friends with amazing seats. Hoping to see them on Thursday when I have an amazing seat too.
And after that, the red low battery light on my camera started flashing and I had to save what little battery power I had to get a picture of Bernie throwing out the first pitch and Brett Gardner stretching catching fly balls in left field.

Please add your prediction in the comments - and no, the Cubs is not a legit answer.


  1. Hum.. seems that there's a photo missing here... :D And Sarveeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is right: where are the Mets? I support them, along with the Red Sox

  2. Quelle photograph, mon petit chou chou?