Friday, April 9, 2010

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Kim Jones

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about Girl Power. If a video game has a female player, I will be her (I dare anyone to try and beat me at Mario Kart when I am driving as Daisy). I cite Lisa Simpson, in all her brainy, witty adolescence, as one of my heroes and I cheer on any woman who is one among many, many men, be it in politics or sports.

Kim doing her thing at Yankee Stadium on May 8, 2009:
Photo via Flickr/Keith Anderson

One of my favorite things in the world, MLB, is clearly lacking in female players. However, Kim Jones goes a long way for women as the Clubhouse Reporter for the New York Yankees. In each report, whether interviewing a player or giving the pregame rundown to the (all male) announcers in the booth, Kim brings an admirable poise and an interesting, engaging conversational interview style. And aside from being a total hottie, she is also a total smartie.

Kim hooked up with the YES Network and the Yankees in 2005, after working as a sports beat reporter for The Star Ledger in NJ. She has her B.A and M.S. from Penn State (told ya she was a smart gal) and manages to find the time to host talk shows on WFAN and write about the NFL for The Star Ledger.

Despite her notable accomplishments, some fans have called her a jinx, and have written a few mean things about her reporting style. However, in this Mariano interview from earlier in the week, Kim demonstrates a friendly rapport that puts The Sandman at ease and takes him from jokingly chatting about how Red Sox fans treat him at Fenway and his goal to play a game in Centerfield to getting him to open up about his serious thoughts of retiring after this season.

Collateral damage from one of A.J. Burnett's shaving cream pies. God, last season was great...
Photo via my harddrive. Cannot remember where I got it last year. Sorry, dude who took a good pic

Simply put, Kim is not a good female interviewer but a good interviewer who just happens to be female. To say that she has my dream job is an understatement but rather than covet her job, I'd prefer she keep it, and continue to bring her smart and sharp Girl Power to the Yanks.

Although, in about 18 years, I wouldn't mind seeing one of my nieces filling her stylish shoes at Yankee Stadium. And when that happens, I hope they will be able to thank Ms. Jones for having shown how it should be done.

More of Kim's YES Network interviews can be viewed here and you can follow Kim on Twitter @YESKimJones.


  1. I feel Kim Jones is an outstanding addition to the YES network. I think she is very sharp & extremely atractive gal. I just think she adds a big PLUS to the YES network.