Saturday, May 15, 2010

America's Finest Baseball News Source: Special Edition Links from this week

All the muck that's fit to rack Image/The Onion
This may come as a shock to you, what with my constant Simpsons posts and snarky Tweets, but I love The Onion. Their fake sports reporting makes me giggle, and I am constantly ReTweeting their links (Follow @TheOnion to get it on the fun).

Below are some highlights from the past few weeks, skewering everything from Dallas Braden to Big Papi to "real Yankees" - no one is looking at you #13.

Enjoy and check back for a "real" news links round-up tomorrow.

  • The Angry-A-Rod Man aka Whats-his-face, pitches a perfect game for his Mama: 5/12/10
  •  This David Ortiz send up just didn't have a fakeness to it: 5/14/10
  • Doucheyness aside, from behind is his best side: StrongSide/WeakSide
  • Awww, poor Pirates fans. Don't do it, Adrian!: 5/5/10
  • Lemme kiss the boo-boo better: 5/10/10
  • "Alex Rodriguez cried for 10 minutes": 4/27/10
  • Hehehehehehehehehehehe: 4/5/10

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