Saturday, May 1, 2010

Battle of My Boys: Links from this week

Don't mock my hoodie, Michael Kay. Image/Jim McIsaac, Getty Images  
My children are fighting. The White Sox are at the Yankees and as of 40 minutes ago, they are 1-1, with the "rubber game" tomorrow. I will attempt to explain how I can be a fan of two American League teams in my post tomorrow that I write when my life calms down. In the meantime, please enjoy the baseball links from the week:

  • We are all pulling for you, Mr. Uecker: USA Today
  • Ozzie has closer envy: Blogging the Bombers
  • The Sultan of Swat, 90 years ago: MLB
  • A-Rod, baby, we all have your number: NYPost
  •  I no longer want Brett Brett to play just so I can look at him. That is just the icing on his awesome-playing-as-of-late cake: TYU
  • This title, reminiscent of a bitter The Onion headline, makes me giggle: Yankeeist
  • Speaking of The Onion: The Onion
  •  @YankeesInk has quickly become one of my favorite Tweeps. This is his YES Network blog: Yankees Ink
  • The Rays will fall. No doubt: SI
  • Nice work, teammates of Johnny Damon: USA Today  
  • Everything zen: The Yankeeist
  • I know what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas!!!: Cafe Press

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