Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Good Stretch: Links from this week

Photo by Stefanie aka @stefmara
CC versus Santana tonight. Hoping for a nail bitter of a pitcher's duel when I watch it with my good friend Christina. I won't be on Twitter, for fear of catching Lost spoilers. Yep, I'm a nerd.

Links from the week below:
  • Oh, Thames. I call you an idiot with love in my heart: Big League Stew
  • Get well soon? No, you weren't hurt in the first place: USA Today
  • @beeeebzy roasts the Yanks on her blog: Pretty in Pinstripes
  • A 32-year-old pitcher with a 2.66 ERA? I smell a new Yankee (thanks for the link, Blake): Yahoo! Sports
  • Ranking fan-favorite players in DC. Kinda cute: DC Sports Blog
  • Life, love, marriage, friendship and Yankees Stadium. An essay by @YankeesInk: Yankees Ink
  • A vital part of the Marlins' organization gets honored: The Onion
  • I've got a baseball field in Iowa to sell you: USA Today

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