Monday, May 10, 2010

I Don't Have Ballplayers! I Have Girls!

Many congrats to Eri Yoshida, an 18-year-old Japanese woman who is a new RHP for the Chico Outlaws.
Eri does her thang                                                      Image/Newscom
I am a bit tardy to the party on Eri, who executed a media blitz late last week. Listen, I barely remember what happened during the Yankees game Friday night (thank you, bartenders at Nice Guy Eddies who are very attentive and like to do shots) so I happened to miss Eri on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and on Jimmy Kimmel Live, okay? I did learn about her today via Jezebel and I am too freaking excited to welcome this gal to the U.S.

In the AP article about Eri from Saturday we learn that she has a killer knuckleball, however sadly inspired by Tim Wakefield of B*ston. Here's hoping she won't hit as many players as ol' Timmy, who had a knack for bruising flesh with wild balls.

Eri is the first woman to play baseball professionally in the United States since LHP Ila Borders played for the St. Paul Saints in 1997. Fingers and toes crossed that we will see Eri playing in an MLB uniform sometime in the very near future.

Relatedly, enjoy the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Victory Song from "A League of Their Own," including a bit of Tom Hanks in his only good role best role to date, as Mr. Jimmy Dugan.

P.S. "Avoid the clap, Jimmy Dugan" Hey, that's good advice.


  1. Yay - grrl power! But seriously, thanks a heap for getting that LOTO song stuck in my head ...

  2. It is always stuck in my head.