Sunday, May 16, 2010

Isn't It Grand? Links from this week

A most excellent view. Image/
Now that the boys are back in the Bronx, A-Rod has hit a game-changing grandslam, Jorgey did some mighty fine DH work, and Brett Brett is batting second, which I'm loving. In the wake of a tiny slump, the Yanks are looking more like themselves.

Kinda like me, with my spotty blog posts of the past fortnight. I had to figure out how to balance my new even busier schedule, but I think I have done it. I found time to write this weekend, have a lot planned, including some posts for another baseball blog. And it will only get better once my Netbook arrives and I can blog in the bathtub.

Two weeks worth of links, for your clickthrough pleasure. Post anything interesting that you read and I missed in the comments.
  • Get better soon, Nicky: NYP Yankees Blog
  •  Rihanna is dating a Dodger. Lucky girl: US
  • MLB is involved in the mess in AZ: Yahoo!
  • @BaldVinny talks roll call, chants, and "unwritten rules" of section 203 (formerly 39). I remember the Bernie Williams chant from when I sat in Section 39:  WFAN
  • I dig these pics by @amandarykoff from the 5/5/10 Yanks game: Flickr
  • Brett Gardner simply freaking rocks: NJ
  • The award for best phrase in a link this week goes to Big League Stew with this gem "...the great Cox (is that spelled right?) wasn't the voice of reason, either." Yahoo!
  • Great moments in past Yankees games are available for viewing in the MLB archives. A solid list of classics here: PuristBleedPinstripes
  • Want: Shop.MLB
  • Interesting read, dumb headline: MLB
  • I noticed some gender and baseball tension on Twitter this week, so I found @Coopz22's post very intriguing: My Summer Family

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