Monday, May 17, 2010

No Joy in Mudville...Or Beantown, We Hope

I made an executive decision to not go to the Yankees game tomorrow. I will save my pennies (and 20s) to see my boys play with the Mets on Friday. I've seen B*ston play lose in the Bronx many a time before, so spending $40 to sit in the 400s on a cold, May night isn't so appealing. Besides, I can use the cash to get Shake Shack at Citifield on Friday.

Shake Shack - Hey, Mets fans have to have something to brag about, right?

I had planned to do a post on the game, but instead, you get more of me talking about baseball and pimping cartoon clips. And really, with my schedule, a post on tomorrow's game wouldn't have been up until August.

While researching for an article I'm writing for another baseball blog, I came across the 1946 cartoon gem "Casey at the Bat." Anyone else remember this? It's a classic Disney short from an incredibly long time ago (sorry, Mom) and I remember looking forward to seeing it played on the Disney Channel when I was a kid (which, to be fair, is getting to be a long time ago too).

Check it:

Hmm...Who in recent baseball history reminds you of Casey?

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  1. There's your lesson: let the crowd stab the Ump while you have the chance.