Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh No, Mo!

I was biking at my gym at a pretty rapid clip when Mariano Rivera gave up a Grand Slam to the Twins' Kubel in the top of the 8th. This came after delivering a BB that walked in a run. When the unexpected happened, my jaw dropped  and I instantly stopped pedaling out of pure shock. I quickly grabbed my BB to Tweet. I don't Tweet at the gym, that is my disconnect time, so this was major.
That didn't just happen, did it? Image/Antonelli, NY Daily News
I could repeat what has already been said, about how Joba should have stayed in and Joe has been over-managing the team to death, but why rub salt in the wound?

It was Kubel's 6th career grand slam and this was the first grand slam that Mo has given up since 2002. It was painful to watch and more painful to see Mo's face as the Yanks failed to recover from The Sandman's rare stumble.

It bites, but it happens. Let's move on, shall we? Maybe beating the tar out of Boston in the short series this week will make it all better.

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