Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yanks in the Citi: Pics from last night's game

I made my triumphant return to baseball games - I hadn't been to one in over a month - when the Yanks made their first 2010 trip to Citi Field last night.

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Left Field Landing seats. Really, directly behind center field, which meant...
A perfect view of Brett in the outfield.

Pagan too.

In front of us, a Yankees fan and his wife and son who are Mets fans. There was a very cute back-and-forth between the father and son.

Behind us, a rowdy crew having a fun time. This guy asked me to take his picture. I said it will be on my blog. Here, you go, dude.

Congrats on your first Yankees hit, Russo.
Brett wants to steal.

Top of the 9th, shot from field level. A bit blurry, but I am so happy with the zoom on my camera.

Because we were standing this far away.

Citi really is a beautiful park, with flashy parts, just like Queens. This sign is in the left field promenade by Shake Shack & Blue Smoke.

Friendly too. Later, Mr. Met!

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  1. Is it just me or do the Yanks have bigger nuts?