Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No, He Doesn't Need Another DVD: YBG's Dad's Day Gift Guide

If you are lucky enough to know a great Dad who is also a baseball fan, I hope that you are getting him something awesome for Father's Day on Sunday. If you are thinking, Oh, crap! Father's Day is on Sunday! then take a gander at my suggestions below, sure to hit a (heh) homerun with your sports lovin' Pop!

The Clicker
Beer? Check

Baseball game in HD on a sweet flat screen? Check

Bottle opener? D'oh!

Guaranteed in the 25 seconds it takes to go into the kitchen and find a bottle opener, your dear old Dad's favorite player will hit a grandslam, breaking some team, nay, league record, and he will miss seeing it live.

If only he had a Clicker! Now you can prevent such horrors from happening. $25, myclicker.com

Ball Player's Best Big Ceramic Baseball Bowl
Now that Dad has his beer open, you aren't going to leave him without a little nosh, are you?

This gift basket from 1-800-FLOWERS includes classic ball park treats in a pretty cool reusable bowl. Don't you just want to eat an overly large serving of cereal out of it?

You should probably have ordered this like, yesterday, but you love your Dad so why not pay for over night shipping? 

Or it could make a great All Star Game gift. Yes, let's start giving each other All Star Break gifts. I would like this and these.

The cool kids at 18F have promised us a coupon code, so I will update when I have that. 

Aroma Home Tiger Screen Wipe
Admit it. The Tigers Fan Dad in your life may be a tough guy, but really, he is a big softee. Kinda like David Wells or this cute tiger from Aroma Home. This isn't just a cuddly pal, it is also a super effective screen wipe for an iPad, laptop, or other LCD screen.

You know he has greasy finger prints all over his iPhone from constantly checking MLB scores in staff meetings, so give him something that gives him no excuse to be a slob. Plus it smells like lemon!

$10, aromahome.com

Connect Four Yankees and Red Sox edition
Rivalry is one of the best things about the game. The peeps over at Hasbro Games (based in Red Sox territory) developed a Yankees vs. Red Sox Connect Four game that will make any game-loving father smile.

It is Father's Day, so be nice and let him play as the Yankees. You will get your turn.

I wish this came in White Sox vs. Cubs so I could get it for my brother. Eh, he might get it anyway, since his daughters are all Yankees fans.

$13.39, Hasbro Games, available on Amazon

New York Times Baseball Yearbook
These are pretty cool, unless the Dad you are buying for is a fan of a sucky team (I would not have gotten this for my Cubs fan Grandpa because I would have felt mean).

Pick your team from 22 NL and AL teams, and get a bound, personalized book of the team's best headlines from the New York Times.

Page length varies. Anyone wanna guess which (27-time World Championship) team has the longest book? $75, AnyDate.com 

Anything from Steiner Sports
Steiner has the stuff that your Dad sees at his best friend's house and wants to steal, like the autographed Yogi Berra picture to the left.

Something that Dad's favorite player has touched is on here, and available for you to buy for him in exchange for his undying love (just kidding, you already have that, but don't you want to show up your younger brother who is just buying him a tie?). Prices range from You-Will-Only-Have-To-Eat-Ramen-For-A-Week to Honey-Can-We-Look-Into-That-2nd-Mortgage? SteinerSports.com

If you would rather make something than buy something, may I suggest trying a hand at my baseball cookies? Get a big, round cookie cutter and use it to shape stiff sugar cookie dough - I won't give you my recipe but I will give you a tip: Cornstarch on the counter rather than flour when you are cutting will help the cookies maintain their shape. Bake 'em up!

Make some buttercream frosting, using a lot of butter, a lot of powdered sugar, a little milk and some vanilla (again, not giving you my recipe, but there are plenty online) and frost the cooled cookies white.

After the frosting has had some time to set, give it two red stitch lines with a red gel cake decorating pen.

Yummy, if I do say so myself. Just make sure Dad gets at least one.

Happy Father's Day!

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