Saturday, June 5, 2010

You've Got the Cutest Lil Baby Face: Baseball Card Nostalgia

Last Saturday, after a nice brunch at a local diner, Blake and I found ourselves on a mission to get me a new dresser. While we didn't find a suitable one, we did find bags and bags of baseball cards at a local thrift shop.

Most of the cards were from the '80s and '90s and it was a trip back to our childhoods as we dug deeper and deeper into each plastic Key Food bag.

The lady who runs the store into the ground wouldn't let us buy any cards at first because she hadn't priced them. We found a few gems that probably have no value other than sentimental for us, including an Al Leiter Rookie card - worth a whopping $2 on eBay!
Joey Girardi, his 2nd year on the Cubbies (Image/Topps)
Hard to see him in the uniform of never-will-be champions.

That's Mr. Leiter to you. (Image/Topps)
Once a Good Guy, always a Good Guy (Image/Topps)
The crazy is in the eye, even in '91

Before they were 'roid heads (Images/Topps)
McGwire had a nice tush before he got into the juice.

A 1987 Bill Buckner card? Yes, please. (Image/Topps)
Would only be better if there were a ball rolling between his legs

Both of our childhood favorite players: Thomas for me, Ryan for Blake. (images/Topps)
Both cards worth about 25 cents.

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