Saturday, July 31, 2010

Does Jeter Not Have a Sweet Tooth?

On Friday afternoon, in between celebrating my friend Ashley's birthday on Thursday night and then again on Friday night, I had lunch at Cafe Boulon with Adrian and our friend, Tom, aka, The Flying Dutchman. Post-lunch and a round of Bloodies at J.G. Mellon, Adrian and I behaved like babes in a candy store at Dylan's Candy Bar across the street from Bloomies.

In the basement, they not only have an assortment of sports-themed treats, but a wall of celebrity candy cravings, autographed and there to entice your sweet tooth.

We found several sports stars, including Mo, who is all about the caramels:

Click any photo for an enlarged sugar rush

And A-Rod:

Maybe the Smarties people can send him a case of 600 candies? That's what I would do if I did PR over at Nestle...

The only other Yankee we found was Brian Cashman. How could Jeter, Pettitte and Jorge not have their favorite sugary snacks on the Dylan's wall-of-fame?

When I'm famous enough to be in the case, I know what I will have in the little plastic container:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fair Warning: I Am Your (Very, Very Busy) Baseball Girl

I love you. I truly, truly love you, dear reader. But, despite my deep, unwavering affection, I also have an extremely busy week ahead of me. There is a good chance that there will not be another blog update before Friday.

Please, just know, I'm thinking about you the whole time. And I'm probably thinking about Matt Holliday too.

July 12, 2010; Anaheim, CA, USA; National League outfielder Matt Holliday of the St. Louis Cardinals during the 2010 All Star home run derby at Angel Stadium.  Photo via Newscom

See you later in the week. Also, GO YANKEES, GO WHITE SOX!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Want Grandy

Hey, Curtis. We don't know each other very well yet, do we? You have taken to your Pinstripes in a fine manner, but with your exteded DL absence early in the season, I just don't feel the attachment to you that I have with the other Yankees.

Until now. Three home runs in two games, one tonight that took us from behind in the 8th to a slim, 3-2 lead against my dreaded Indians and gave Javy his much-deserved run support? Ok, we're cool. I will come up with a cute nickname for you and cheer extra loud when you stride to the bat from now on. Just keep those HRs coming, ok? 

High fives and hugs for Grandy, the RBI Man! (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees batter Curtis Granderson (R) high-fives at the dugout steps after he hit his second home run of the game against the Kansas City Royals in the fourth inning of their MLB American League baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York, July 25, 2010. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

You Suck, Wood (Updated)

Blake Wood, after coming in a the bottom of the 8th to the top of the Yankees line-up, proceeded to load up the bases and then hit the player that every Yankees fan is watching with bated breath. Yep, he hit A-Rod, who had a chance to turn 600 into a grand slam.

Someone might want to get this guy a police escort to the airport...(Image/PicApp)
May 17, 2010: Blake Wood for the Kansas City Royals pitches during a game against the hometown Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. The Royals beat the Orioles 4 - 3.

After pitching to A-Rod high and inside, Wood threw a 95 mph fastball that landed smack on A-Rod's left arm/hand/wrist. A-Rod's previous swing had missed a 96 mph fastball, but he swung with such conviction that Wood likely wanted to take him down a notch with another inside pitch. Or he tried to hit the most watched man in NYC on purpose. Who knows, maybe he is suicidal?

As A-Rod crouched on all-fours and then made a slow walk towards first base, surrounded by trainers, Wood quickly exited the mound to a chorus of boos that will likely haunt his dreams. Alex left the game shortly after and so far, we have no news.

I have to get ready for dinner but I will update later when we know how Alex is doing.

UPDATED: Both Girardi and A-Rod said he is fine and will likely start in the series' opener against Cleveland. The ball didn't hit A-Rod's hand "flush" and while it caused him some initial pain, everything seems to be fine. Phew!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rain, Rain, Stay Away

I have to leave my apt to melt in this heat in about 5 minutes, but here are some pics from the game last night:
click any photo to enlarge
I was nervous about AJ, after his last start and clubhouse rampage, but he got his head together and made it through the five innings before the rain delay.

The sky was going crazy before the rain started, shot here at the bottom of the 4th from my seat in Section 203.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch Break: MLB Gear is 40% off at the VS Pink Store in SoHo

But oddly, not online. Any of my NYC readers who don't want to spend $30 on a t-shirt but will drop $17 on one should check out the store on Broadway and Prince.

This is what I got for the game on Friday, I deemed it more bleacher safe than the "I Only Kiss Yankees Fans" shirt:

It's super comfy, will go well with my denim mini and was marked down to $17.70 from $29.50. Plus, they gave me a free, animal print Pink dog that I can give to my nieces.

There were hoodies, t-shirts, sweat pants and shorts for both Mets and Yankees. It almost makes up for the time that Teix was at the store and I missed him by, like, 5 seconds.

*Note, while I am a savvy PR girl, this is not a PR post on behalf of VS. I did it all on my own.

An Observation: Are Mets Fans In Hiding?

I left for work a little earlier than usual today, and on my three block walk to the train, I noticed two gentlemen in Yankees caps. Good morning, boys.

Then, I got to the train, and sat across from a guy in a Mattingly t-shirt. Good choice, sir.

As my commute continued, I noticed more and more Yankees gear - and one ugly hat with a red "B" - but no Mets gear. Where are the Mets fans? It's not like I live in Manhattan or even the Bronx. I live in Astoria, Queens, not too far from Citi. My deli guy is a Mets fan. Most of the guys who work at the gym are Mets fans (I know this because the Mets game always ends up on the big TVs while I have to hunt down the YES network on my tiny elipitcal machine TV) and it is not uncommon to see an entire family in Mets hats, shirts and the mom in a David Wright jersey on the busier streets in my neighborhood.

By the time I made it to SoHo, I counted 15 pieces of Yankees paraphernalia, all on men, and no one rocking the blue and orange of the Mets.

Yes, Yankees fans out number Mets fans  2:1, according to a survey by WSJ in May, but, shouldn't I then have seen 7.5 Mets caps this morning? Or are all of the Mets fans sleeping off their hangovers (another finding from the WSJ survey is that Mets fans drink more)?

The Mets are currently in 2nd place in their division, after the Braves and yes, the Yankees are sitting in 1st, but even if the Yankees were in 5th (I know, I know, but pretend with me for a moment), I would still wear my hat every day to the gym and when running Sunday morning errands, my Bernie Williams shirt to Pilates and my Babe Ruth jersey to games.

Where are you, my dear Mets fans? Represent and support your team, even at 8:15 on a Thursday morning. And go beat those silly Dodgers. They deserve it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome Back, Mr. Godzilla

Hey, Matsui! Good to see you. You know, despite how dashing you look in red, I can't help but think that you look awfully at home in the Bronx.
Upper-deki (Image/PicApp)

July 3, 2010:  Hideki Matsui of the Los Angeles Angels at bat in a game against the Kansas City Royals at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. Royals won 4-2. Jayne Oncea / Cal Sport Media.

On a related note, I despise the Angels. Go Yankees!

Is This the Third Baseball Death in July?

Sad news, actor James Gammon, who played Lou Brown, the irritable but lovable manager of the Cleveland Indians, in Major League has passed away.
He's inspiring ball players in Heaven now (Image/Paramount Pictures)
Beyond Major League, Mr. Gammon has an enviable IMDb resume, which includes film, TV and an uncredited cameo in the awesomely awesome Natural Born Killers.

Mr. Gammon was 70.

Via USAToday

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beating the Off-Day Blues: I Should Be Somewhere Over Michigan Right Now...

...Instead, I am chilling out (thanks to 10mg of Diazepam) at gate B7 in the Indianapolis Int'l Airport, waiting to get on my much delayed, much maligned, flight to Chicago where I am connecting to LGA (I hope).

As I sit and watch our departure time tick steadily later, I know that this means there isn't a chance in hell that I am going to get to see Hughes pitch tonight* back to NYC at a reasonable hour. Normally when I visit my family, I don't get to see the Yankees play at all, since I am in White Sox/Cubs territory. But Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon the vs. TB game on TBS, just in time to see Pettitte get pulled.

My nieces arrived shortly after I turned the game on, and I informed my older niece, Edanne, that Derek Jeter was about to bat. This is what she did:

She jumped for joy when Jeter got a base hit and then quickly left the room to do whatever six year olds do. A few moments later, Teix drove Jeter home and I called Edanne back in the room for the replay.

"Derek Jeter just scored a run and now we are tied!"

"Yay yay yay! I love Derek Jeter!" she replied while jumping up in the air and waving her arms around.

My two year old niece, Lily, upon hearing the commotion, came into the living room, pointed at the TV and said "Shrek!" While I can hold my own when Frenchie wants to watch something other than baseball, the needs of babes outweigh my game time and I quickly lost my TV rights so the Shrek DVD could be turned on and then ignored.

But at least Edanne got to see Jeter bat. Now I just need to get her to a game at the stadium. Baby steps.

*Thank you to Peter for pointing out my error. I blame the Midwest, which, while it molded me into a wonderful human being thanks to my upbringing, has caused me a bit of stress today and got my brain all confused-like. Also, I hope that I am in New York by 7:05 pm tomorrow night so I can see Hughes get his 12th W.

AJ Burnett & the Case of the Rapidly Growing Nose

Oh, AJ. Haven't we talked about how your sexy, I'm-a-bad-boy thing you have going on might do it for me but might also not be how a Yankees player should behave?

Top of the 2nd on July 17 when AJ started to sweat (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees starting pitcher A.J. Burnett (L) reacts when Francisco Cervelli walks to the mound in the second inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium in New York City on July 17, 2010.   UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

It seems that AJ's temper got the better of him and he shoved a plexi-glass door, causing those cuts on his hands that made him exit the game on Saturday. AJ originally cried that he slipped on the dugout steps, and cut himself bracing his fall. The truth came out, as it always does with the men in my life, and now he's got some egg on his face, rather than the shaving cream pie that looks so much better.

The injury shouldn't affect his next start physically, but what is going on in AJ's head right now and can he shake it off?

Via BigLeagueStew (Thanks, DS)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Can We Talk About the First Place Sox?

White Sox, that is. Really, we need no words. Just smile and enjoy it:

Number-one--five! (Image/PicApp)
June 29, 2010:  First basemen Paul Konerko  14 and left fielder Juan Pierre  of the Chicago White Sox celebrate after beating the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The White Sox won 4-3.

Hey, Danks, thanks for pitching like you deserve to be on a first place team (Image/PicApp)
July 15, 2010 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 15 July 2010:  Chicago White Sox starting pitcher John Danks  delivers a pitch in the 4th inning of the Twins' baseball game against the Chicago White Sox at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I guess it is never to early in the season for me to worry about what I will do if the White Sox meet the Yankees in the AL Championship...

Beating the Off-Day Blues*: Celebs Storm the All Star Game

*While today, Friday, July 16th, isn't an off-day for the Yankees, this post was scheduled for yesterday, but did not post at its scheduled time (thanks, Blogger). Enjoy it nonetheless. Go Yankees and have fun at the game tonight, Ashley! I hope Brett Brett hits a homerun right to you in section 105.

The celebrities at the All Star Game in Anaheim weren't all of the baseball kind. The Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, played on Sunday, July 10th, preceded the Home Run Derby. Retired MLB greats, including Rickey Henderson, Mike Piazza, Bo Jackson and Ozzie Smith teamed with celebs like Jon Hamm, Guy Fieri, Andy Richter, MC Hammer, James Denton and gold medal-winning softball star Jennie Finch.

Marissa Miller, Jon Hamm and Andy Richter discuss where they are going for dinner after the game (Image/PicApp)
ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 11: Model Marisa Miller, actor Jon Hamm and comedian Andy Richter during the MLB All Star Game Celebrity Softball Game at Angels Stadium of Anaheim on July 11, 2010 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Can Do Three Things At Once: Live Blogging the AS Game

8:00 - Just brought to tears by the end of the Steinbrenner SportsCenter special on ESPN. The show must go on, time for the cheesy intro to the AS Game.

8:04 - A touching Steinbrenner tribute starts the game. Commercial break, time to bust out my weights, bands and magic circle so I can exercise, watch baseball and live blog.

8:07 - Wheaties commercial. Frenchie just sat down on the couch to eat chips. I'm ready to start with some weighted lunges.

8:08 - I'm not writing again until the game starts. Take THAT Fox and your ridic amount of pregame bs. I don't care who is singing from Glee.

8:10 - Oh, hello, Matt Holliday. Kisses.

(Con't after the jump. Fancy, huh?)

A Moment of Silence for The Boss...

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 3: New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner attends the 11th Annual Living Landmarks Gala at The Plaza Hotel November 3, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

And a moment of joy, to celebrate a wonderful life...

26 Oct 2000:  Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees pours champagne over the head of team owner George Steinbrenner in the locker room after the Yankees 4-2 win over the New York Mets of Game 5 of the World Series at Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York. <DIGITAL IMAGE> Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/ALLSPORT
Thank you for everything, sir. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Holliday

Oh, hello, Matt Holliday. Where have you been all my life? Oh, in the NL and briefly in Canada. I guess I just never saw you without your batting helmet, smiling, until the HR derby tonight.

Cute smile, no hair. My kind of ball player (Image/PicApp)
St. Louis Cardinals Matt Holliday smiles during a press conference where it was announced he has inked a seven-year contract with the team, in St. Louis on January 7, 2010. Reports say Holliday will be paid $17 million per season, the largest player contract in franchise history. The deal also includes an option for the 2017 season. Holliday, who turns 30 on January 15th, owns a career .318 batting average with 152 home runs and 592 RBI's in six-plus seasons with the Colorado Rockies (2004-2008), Oakland Athletics (2009) and St. louis Cardinals. UPI/Bill Greenblatt Photo via Newscom

Tonight at the Derby, Holliday was up after Swish, who looked adorable in his "American" jersey but performed less-well than my friend Janelle and I hoped.

Then came Matt. Our meet cute? I was biking at the gym, had just picked up my Real Beauty magazine that I brought home from work and as soon as I saw him step up to the plate, I put my magazine back down. He ended up only getting 5 HR before he hit his 10 out limit. Maybe he was distracted thinking about me? That must be it.

Cute from every angle (Image/PicApp)
June 9, 2010: Matt Holliday of the Cardinals in action during the Major League Baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St Louis Cardinals at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles,CA.
You almost made me forget about Brett Brett. Anyone want to go with me to Citi to see him play at the end of the month? Shake Shack's on me, but the line's on you. I don't want to miss a minute of this Holliday.

Now batting for the Yankees in Heaven...

The voice of an angel, that one. (Image/PicApp)
NEW YORK - AUGUST, 1981:  Announcer Bob Sheppard, of the New York Yankees, on the field prior to a game in August, 1981 at Yankee Stadium in New York, New York. (Photo by:  Diamond Images/Getty Images)
As I mentioned last night (earlier this morning, technically) I spent Sunday at the beach, and knew nothing of sports or news. When walking home from the gym this morning, I grabbed an AM NY so I would have the crossword puzzle for my commute. Flipping through, looking in vain for the horoscopes, I came across an article that said Bob Sheppard had died at 99 in his Long Island home.

I realize that this is old news, as he was honored at the game yesterday, but I teared up upon learning the news after other fans.

Fans mourn "The Voice of God" for the Yankees (Image/PicApp)
July 11, 2010 - Seattle, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES - epa02245412 Loyal New York Yankee fans acknowledge the passing of their long-time stadium announcer, Bob Sheppard prior to the game between their team and the Seattle Mariners in Seattle, Washington on 11 July 2010.  Sheppard was 99 years old.

Rest in peace, dear sir. I'm glad the Yankees won one more WS for you last year and I hope we get another in your memory this year.

Oh, and tell Joe DiMaggio that I say "Sup?"

I Neglected Sports Today

Today was the Yankees' last game before the B.S. A.S. Break and the World Cup Final, but I chose to spend the day on the beach with four of my friends. And it was totally worth it, even though I did miss seeing my Yankees win the series finale against Seattle.

I spent my sports-free day lying on the beach in Montauk, Long Island, people watching, obsessive photo-taking and getting a little more tan and a little burnt in the place not yet kissed by the sun.

We ended the day watching the sunset at Montauket, but not before checking out the lighthouse at Montauk State Park.
From left: Jeanne, Howie, Sarah (aka Frenchie), Julie & YBG

I know I owe like, four weeks of links and that will come. But how can you think about blogging when you are surrounded by surf boards, sea shells and a perfect sunset?
Life is a beach A great big, beautiful beach, n'est-ce pas?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creature Comforts

During the Yankees' 2005 and 2006 (and a few games in 2004) seasons, I spent significant time in the old stadium RF Bleachers Section 39. My boyfriend at the time, Dave, had a partial season pass with two seats and I went to several games with him each month. My favorite time to go, Friday night, was always a raucous spectacle, with the well-known chants and merciless taunting of anyone in an opposing team's jersey. And Lord help you if you had on anything Mets, which made you the subject of the Creatures' colorful version of Y-M-C-A. Sparing no one, players in RF and CF for the visiting would be jeered and taunted about everything from their playing to their personal lives.

The group gave more support to the Yankees than any other section I had sat in. From roll call, to the Bernie Williams cheer, the spirit in the Bleachers never wavered from having good-but-never clean fun in the name of the Yankees. I still remember many of the people I saw so often each summer - Tina, MTA Joe, Jimmy (R.I.P. dear sir), Sancho, Claire, Junior, Monica and many more, including a guy I only knew as "Face."

I got the chance to sit in the Bleachers again last Saturday afternoon when the Yankees lit up the Jays. I sat in Section 203, the new 39 according to ticket holders, with Dave and some new and old faces.

While we were flanked with families who had presumably purchased their tickets on StubHub, the antics were similar, if not a bit tame 'til the end of the game. Perhaps it was the exciting top of the game or that the rest of the game went fast, but good taunting didn't start happening until several of the Creatures banded together to tell Bautista what they thought of him. And his wife.

The aforementioned reworked "Y-M-C-A" was present and there were several chants of "asshole" at fans in the wrong jerseys so I am curious to see if the upcoming Friday night game I am attending will be even more like the 39 I remember. Even if it is exactly the same as on 7/3, I'm looking forward toanother incredibly fun time with amazing Yankees fans.

Until the 23rd, Section 203!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No AC and No Yankees Make YBG Something Something

Eff it's hot! I'm brain dead from work and exhausted from workouts and, as previously mentioned, the Yanks are out West, with late East Coast start times. With an hour before game time, I thought I could make it, but then I looked at the thermostat in my living room and saw "98 degrees".

I looked at my black leather couch and then I looked at the TV, cable box all ready for YES Network. And then I looked back at my black leather couch, envisioned frying an egg on it, remembered that two people died yesterday in 90+ degree homes and headed to my bedroom, where there is no cable and I am sans the GameDay package on my netbook, but I have an air conditioner.

And I feel a little like this:

I really want to wake up and find that AJ finally got another W and maybe lowered that ERA. Also, I would like to wake up and find that I have the winning PowerBall ticket in my wallet. I suppose I'm hoping a bit more for the latter, but thinking the former is more likely. Can I at least get one out of two?

Stay cool, everyone. Let's Go Yankees!

Monday, July 5, 2010

"What do you recommend?" "A lot of night games"

The Yanks are out west, which means later start times for those of us on the East Coast. In a move that renders my week virtually Yankees-free, no game starts before 10 PM EST until Sunday.
"What a hitter" (Image/Columbia Pictures)
What does this mean? I'm going to wake up every morning and then find out if the Yankees beat Oakland or Seattle. I don't like to work this way, but for the interest of my morning gym schedule and my ability to function as a human being, I cannot stay up until one every night to see the games.

To those of the vigilant who will be watching each and every night, I tip my NY hat to you. In the meantime, I will be dreaming Pinstripe Dreams.

Sweet dreams, all!

How I Spent My 4th of July Weekend

After being sick all week, I was ready to experience an exciting 4th of July weekend and my plans did not disappoint. In addition to seeing Brett's first career grand slam at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, I had amazing time with my friends, including a BBQ on my terrace:

This is the spread, without dessert, after it was ravaged for the first time by my guests. It includes cumin beef kebobs, grilled peppers and onions with sliced turkey sausage, fresh corn on the cob with lime-jalapeno butter, lentil and pasta salads (by Adrian) and prosciutto-wrapped dates (by Jill). Dessert included chocolate chip cookies, strawberry rhubarb pie and watermelon. Yum!

And several displays of fireworks:

Shot from my terrace on Thursday evening using a slow-exposure

Shot from not my terrace on the 4th of July. Post-BBQ, the peeps and I headed to the city to view the fireworks from a friend's penthouse terrace in Midtown East. It was breath-taking.

But of course, the highlight of my weekend was the game on Saturday, which I watched from Section 203 in the bleachers. The Yankees won 11-3 and Pettitte picked up his 10th win. Yesterday's walk-off win was spectacular, but I'm glad that Saturday's game was the one I saw live. More pictures below:

Pre-game, looking stadium cute!

Jeter at the plate, Gardner on base.

Throw it up for the Yanks in the Bleachers! This is the start of the bottom of the 3rd, when we were just getting the runs going.

After Brett's GS, the bases got loaded again for A-Rod.

After the monumental 3rd, I had to get out of the sun to rehydrate, reapply sunscreen and stretch my legs. I strolled the promenade, enjoying seeing all of the Yankees fans and even came across some things I hadn't seen before.

I am willing to bet a Yankees-smashed quarter that this is the cheapest souvenir int he stadium.

It's just not Shake Shack...

Brett Brett and Grandy playing catch. Too cute.

Dave (left) who brought me to the game with two Creatures whom he knew well. I'm going to write more about my experience in the Bleachers later, including comparing the experience to what it was like when I was a semi-frequent attendee in the old stadium Section 39.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Isn't Life Grand, Brett Brett?

I just got in from the Yankees game and need to scramble to pretty up and make it back out for what will surely be a night for the ages. But first, let's talk about the game, shall we? Or specifically, the bottom of the third.

I was in Bleachers Section 203, among some awesome, vocal and hilariously entertaining Yankees fans. Their excitement was electric when the Yankees lit up the Jays' Romero in the third and helped secure Andy's tenth win of the season. As I Tweeted early, this game is the highlight of my summer so far - even if summer is only twelve days old.

Brett Gardner hit his first career grandslam, driving in four of the eleven runs. See it unfold through the magic of my camera's amazing zoom:

click on any image to enlarge
One, two, three and Brett makes four

Moments before the hit

Post-GS respect

A huge thanks to Dave for bringing me to the game and letting me experience an afternoon with the Saturday Creatures. Props also to Pete and Stephen, Dave's Bleacher Buds, for the ride home and the fun time. I can't wait to go back and experience Section 203 for an upcoming evening game.

I will have more about the game later this long weekend. In the meantime, enjoy your 4th and try not to blow off any appendages with the bottle rockets that Homer Simpson influenced you to buy:

Please make it worth missing the Germany game today

My Babe Ruth jersey and I are leaving for Yankee Stadium momentarily. Andy is on the mound and it is a beautiful day for baseball. I hope that Germany can win their match while I'm in the Bronx, cheering on my boys.

I have not sat in the bleachers since the old stadium, when I was a frequent observer of Section 39 antics. Now, as I head back for my return to the back-less seats, I'm wondering which faces I will recognize and how many families bought seats for the section on Stub Hub and have no idea what they are in for.

See you soon, boys (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees (left to right) Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez regroup at the mound after giving up 3 runs to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third inning at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on June 27, 2010. UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

Play ball! Also, anyone who gets mustard on my #3 jersey will die a slow, painful death, via humiliation on the internet.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thanks, I Needed That (UPDATED)

A-Rod and I have a complicated relationship. If he were not on the Yankees, I would hate him, and sometimes, he really, really frustrates me with what I perceive to be cockiness and a tendency for unsportsmanlike behavior (slamming his bat down in frustration, anyone?).

I have been sick all week and finally started feeling better last night. Yesterday, as I watched the tied game against the Mariners at the bottom of the 8th, Alex delivered a two-run shot that put the Yankees in the lead and ultimately, secured the win. The Yankees had lost their previous two games of the week against the last place Mariners and to say I needed them to win that third game in the series is an understatement. Did the win have healing powers over my stomach bug? That might be a stretch, but it certainly lifted my spirits.

Getting the win when we need it (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees batter Alex Rodriguez follows through as he hits a two-run home run against the Seattle Mariners in the eighth inning of their MLB American League baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York, July 1, 2010. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Today's game isn't over, but I am most proud of A.J. for pitching a good game after a rough June but also grateful to Alex for again getting the Yankees ahead. In the first, he hit a sac fly to center and drove in Jeter. Going into the 8th, the only run on the board is credited to Mr. Rodriguez and Brett Brett, in all of his glory, stole an HR with an amazing catch.

So, A-Rod, I take it all back. Everything bad I have said about you and your tendency to behave like a five-year-old. Can you do me a favor, though? Make an effort not to behave like a prima donna who deserves the moon and I will keep my truce. I might even get a #13 shirt to wear to the gym.

Now, please, boys, don't make me have to come back and update this blog entry with the disappointing news of the blown win today.

UPDATE: Really? You couldn't have won that game? I'm keeping the respect for A-Rod because he did score the only RBI for the Yankees in 11 innings, but I wish he and his teammates could have gotten the bats working.

Now, please, for me, win tomorrow? I will be at the game and I would appreciate it very much. XOXO