Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creature Comforts

During the Yankees' 2005 and 2006 (and a few games in 2004) seasons, I spent significant time in the old stadium RF Bleachers Section 39. My boyfriend at the time, Dave, had a partial season pass with two seats and I went to several games with him each month. My favorite time to go, Friday night, was always a raucous spectacle, with the well-known chants and merciless taunting of anyone in an opposing team's jersey. And Lord help you if you had on anything Mets, which made you the subject of the Creatures' colorful version of Y-M-C-A. Sparing no one, players in RF and CF for the visiting would be jeered and taunted about everything from their playing to their personal lives.

The group gave more support to the Yankees than any other section I had sat in. From roll call, to the Bernie Williams cheer, the spirit in the Bleachers never wavered from having good-but-never clean fun in the name of the Yankees. I still remember many of the people I saw so often each summer - Tina, MTA Joe, Jimmy (R.I.P. dear sir), Sancho, Claire, Junior, Monica and many more, including a guy I only knew as "Face."

I got the chance to sit in the Bleachers again last Saturday afternoon when the Yankees lit up the Jays. I sat in Section 203, the new 39 according to ticket holders, with Dave and some new and old faces.

While we were flanked with families who had presumably purchased their tickets on StubHub, the antics were similar, if not a bit tame 'til the end of the game. Perhaps it was the exciting top of the game or that the rest of the game went fast, but good taunting didn't start happening until several of the Creatures banded together to tell Bautista what they thought of him. And his wife.

The aforementioned reworked "Y-M-C-A" was present and there were several chants of "asshole" at fans in the wrong jerseys so I am curious to see if the upcoming Friday night game I am attending will be even more like the 39 I remember. Even if it is exactly the same as on 7/3, I'm looking forward toanother incredibly fun time with amazing Yankees fans.

Until the 23rd, Section 203!

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