Saturday, July 31, 2010

Does Jeter Not Have a Sweet Tooth?

On Friday afternoon, in between celebrating my friend Ashley's birthday on Thursday night and then again on Friday night, I had lunch at Cafe Boulon with Adrian and our friend, Tom, aka, The Flying Dutchman. Post-lunch and a round of Bloodies at J.G. Mellon, Adrian and I behaved like babes in a candy store at Dylan's Candy Bar across the street from Bloomies.

In the basement, they not only have an assortment of sports-themed treats, but a wall of celebrity candy cravings, autographed and there to entice your sweet tooth.

We found several sports stars, including Mo, who is all about the caramels:

Click any photo for an enlarged sugar rush

And A-Rod:

Maybe the Smarties people can send him a case of 600 candies? That's what I would do if I did PR over at Nestle...

The only other Yankee we found was Brian Cashman. How could Jeter, Pettitte and Jorge not have their favorite sugary snacks on the Dylan's wall-of-fame?

When I'm famous enough to be in the case, I know what I will have in the little plastic container:

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