Monday, July 5, 2010

How I Spent My 4th of July Weekend

After being sick all week, I was ready to experience an exciting 4th of July weekend and my plans did not disappoint. In addition to seeing Brett's first career grand slam at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, I had amazing time with my friends, including a BBQ on my terrace:

This is the spread, without dessert, after it was ravaged for the first time by my guests. It includes cumin beef kebobs, grilled peppers and onions with sliced turkey sausage, fresh corn on the cob with lime-jalapeno butter, lentil and pasta salads (by Adrian) and prosciutto-wrapped dates (by Jill). Dessert included chocolate chip cookies, strawberry rhubarb pie and watermelon. Yum!

And several displays of fireworks:

Shot from my terrace on Thursday evening using a slow-exposure

Shot from not my terrace on the 4th of July. Post-BBQ, the peeps and I headed to the city to view the fireworks from a friend's penthouse terrace in Midtown East. It was breath-taking.

But of course, the highlight of my weekend was the game on Saturday, which I watched from Section 203 in the bleachers. The Yankees won 11-3 and Pettitte picked up his 10th win. Yesterday's walk-off win was spectacular, but I'm glad that Saturday's game was the one I saw live. More pictures below:

Pre-game, looking stadium cute!

Jeter at the plate, Gardner on base.

Throw it up for the Yanks in the Bleachers! This is the start of the bottom of the 3rd, when we were just getting the runs going.

After Brett's GS, the bases got loaded again for A-Rod.

After the monumental 3rd, I had to get out of the sun to rehydrate, reapply sunscreen and stretch my legs. I strolled the promenade, enjoying seeing all of the Yankees fans and even came across some things I hadn't seen before.

I am willing to bet a Yankees-smashed quarter that this is the cheapest souvenir int he stadium.

It's just not Shake Shack...

Brett Brett and Grandy playing catch. Too cute.

Dave (left) who brought me to the game with two Creatures whom he knew well. I'm going to write more about my experience in the Bleachers later, including comparing the experience to what it was like when I was a semi-frequent attendee in the old stadium Section 39.


  1. Yum - your 4th feast looks super tasty!

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