Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Can Do Three Things At Once: Live Blogging the AS Game

8:00 - Just brought to tears by the end of the Steinbrenner SportsCenter special on ESPN. The show must go on, time for the cheesy intro to the AS Game.

8:04 - A touching Steinbrenner tribute starts the game. Commercial break, time to bust out my weights, bands and magic circle so I can exercise, watch baseball and live blog.

8:07 - Wheaties commercial. Frenchie just sat down on the couch to eat chips. I'm ready to start with some weighted lunges.

8:08 - I'm not writing again until the game starts. Take THAT Fox and your ridic amount of pregame bs. I don't care who is singing from Glee.

8:10 - Oh, hello, Matt Holliday. Kisses.

(Con't after the jump. Fancy, huh?)

8:13 - Frenchie asks "Why are they all from different teams?" I explain when I finish my chest press exercises.

8:14 - Who got booed more: Big Papi or A-Rod?

8:17 - Jimenez looks super cocky. Let's light him up, American League!

8:17 - Joe Girardi!

8:18 - I clap for my captain. Back to chest presses.

8:21 - That's a grand ol' flag.

8:22 - Julia Roberts, you are the anti-thesis of baseball. Random "Real Life All-Stars" commercial with celebs. I wonder if Mel Gibson was a part of it and then got replaced by Ben Affleck?

8:23 - Taking the opportunity of this non-baseball celeb weirdness to finish my chest presses and weighted lunges.

8:28 - Hey, FOX! Baseball. Now. Please.

8:30 - I hate Glee and I hate this Xtina song. BAAAAASSSSSEBAAAAALLLLLLLL PLEEEEEEEASE!

8:33 - Um, do they have the first pitch scheduled for 8 pm Pacific Time?

8:34 - I stop exercising for the second Steinbrenner tribute.

8:39 - Are we finally starting?

8:40 - Nice, pitch, Mr. Carew. OMG another commercial break! I'm going to be done exercising befoore the game ever starts!

8:43 - Let's roll the clock back to 1996? No, LET'S START THE GAME!

8:43 - For real this time. No more until the real game starts. Back row time!

8:46 - My sister just called to say she is sorry that my "religious leader died" today. I asked her to send me Yankees tix in lieu of flowers.

8:48 - Seriously, not even Michael Kay makes us listen to the line-ups 3x before the first pitch.

8:50 - First pitch. Foul ball. FINALLY!

8:51 - Ground out to Cabrera. One away. Also, one more set of back rows. Frenchie is bringing me wine.

8:52 - Ooh! Cano nearly gets an E but makes the play to 1st. Two away.

8:54 - Ichiro makes a beautiful catch! 1-2-3 down in order.

8:57 - One out. Jeter comes up to Bob Sheppard's voice. Tears.

8:59 - Jeter walks! Still one out, now one on.

9:00 - Bloop into right gets Jeter to third. Cabrera one first.

9:01 - I suppose, technically, I am doing four things at once because I am blogging, Tweeting, exercising and watching baseball.

9:01 - And drinking wine. Five things. Probably should not be exercising and drinking wine.

9:02 - 1-6-3 DP ends the inning. Back to my back!

9:05 - Heart of the NL line-up is up at the top of the 2nd.

9:06: - Price gets a K. David Wright up.

9:07 - Are you nervous, Robby? Wright gets a hit when Cano struggles to get the ball hit right to him.

9:09 - Nice 5-4-3 DP to end the NL's AB. Longoria to Cano almost as natural as A-Rod to Cano. Hmmm...

9:13 - Guerrero does swing at anything. Head, shoulders, knee and toes, indeed.

9:14 - I just realized this entire live blog is going to take one whole page of my blog. I wish I knew how to do a page jump. Anyone? HTML tips?

9:15 - Longoria hits a beauty into left for a one-out double.

9:16 - I was looking at Twitter and missed the 2nd out. Dang. First multi-task fail. Cano up.

9:17 - Cano chops one to the infield. Easy out. Now to the 3rd.

9:21 - Top of the 3rd. Pettitte pitching. Gets a K to start off. Pat on the butt.

9:22 - Back-to-back strike outs from Pettitte. That's how we do it in the Bronx, kids.

9:23 - Boo! A base hit. That's ok, Andy. I still love you.

9:24 - Ramirez grounds out to Jeter. 3rd out. Time to finish my shoulder work.

9: 27 - Let's get on the board, AL!

9:28 - Ichiro strikes out. 2 out. C'mon Jetes!

9:31 - Jeter is working the count. Fouling 'em away and away. Then takes a breaking ball for a "strike" and a strikeout. Looked high to me. But I'm not totally blind so I can't be an ump.

9:35 - Scoreless into the 4th. Cliff Lee gets an easy first out.

9:37 - This is almost going to fast to write...

9:40 - Bottom of the 4th. Cabrera up. Grounds out to Wright. One away.

9:41 - I bet I don't finish my bicep curls before the inning ends. I have one set left.

9:42 - Damn, Ryan Braun. Nice dive.

9:43 - Into the 5th. I have one more side of leg lifts and one set of bicep curls left. I'm sure I will finish before there is a score in this game...but that could be hours.

9:46 - David Wright gets a hit. Single. He is 2-2 this game.

9:48 - I'm done exercising. What would usually take me about 45 min took 1:45 because of my little experiment here. And maybe the wine. I need more water but I know something will finally happen when I step away...

9:48 - David Wright steals 2nd. Bad throw by Mauer (he is still a hottie, though) and it goes over Robby's head into center. He could have made it to 3rd if he had been paying attention.

9:51 - K. One out, one on.

9:52 - Base hit. 1st and 3rd, one out.

9:54 - Corey Hart, I will tell you the same thing I tell my 6 year old niece. Don't swing at the first pitch. Hart out. 2 on, 2 out.

9:55 - My ds neighbor is going to interrupt this process shortly. She is cool, so I will give her a pass. Also, she works at Yankee Stadium, so that deserves a lifetime pass to interrupt me.

9:58 - McCann pops up to end the top of the 5th. Two stranded.

10:03 - Longoria on with a lead-off walk. Mauer, this is your moment.

10:04 - I get up at 5:30 am. I'm getting sleepy. I hope I can make it or this will be one hell of an anti-climactic blog.

10:04 - And with that, Mauer hits a wussy hit infield, wild throw allows him to get on 2nd and Longoria to 3rd. C'mon, Robby!

10:07 - Robby's sac fly allows Longoria to score. 1-0 AL!

10:08 - I'm taking the 6th inning off. Just warning you now. You, being my one reader, Frenchie.

10:09 - Frenchie! I need more wine!

10:09 - Joe Mauer, stop being so lazy. Run faster. Don't you want the Yankees to have home field advantage during the playoffs?

10:11 OMG! I figured out how to do a "continued after the jump" thingy! I am an HTML genius!

10:14 - Fly ball to right ends the 5th. I'll be back in the 7th (unless something crazy happens).

10:41 - Nothing crazy happened in my absence. Top of the 7th.

10:42 My sister called to tell me that she read what I wrote about her in the live blog at 8:46 and that she would be punching me in the face in lieu of sending Yankees tix in lieu of sending flowers for The Boss' passing. She is a beeoch and a White Sox fan with no Yankees sympathies. I love the White Sox more than she does, but if she were a fan of any other team, I would give it right back. So I just have to make fun of her, instead of her baseball team.

10:43 - Really? The 6th took 30 minutes! Hi, Derek Jeter. He is giving a dugout interview.

10:45 - They are talking about Steinbrenner as a businessman. Yeah, I'd say he would make a good case study.

10:47 - Frick! 1st and 3rd, one out.

10:51 - Excellent pop-up by Chris Young. Two away.

10:55 - Bases loaded, two outs. This game has slowed waaaaaay down, or have I just fallen asleep?

10:56 - Crap. McCann unloaded the bases. Happy to watch Matt Holliday run the bases. Unhappy about everything else in this situation. 3-1 NL

10:57 - Pitching change. Nap attack.

11:00 - A walk. 1st and 2nd. Two outs. I need another break.

11:03 - Swinging strike ends that pain. Time to stretch!

11:05 - Colbie Caillat has a pretty voice. I will have to find a YouTube link of her singing "God Bless America" for my best friend, Tom, tomorrow. He is an actor/make-up artist (and gay) so I'm willing to bet my future lottery winnings that he did not watch this game.

11:10 - Hey Swish! Oooh up against Wainwright. Ouch.

11:11 (Make a wish!) - Swish strikes out swinging. One away.

11:11 (Make another wish!) - Dang! The Yankees are on FOX on Saturday but I will be in Illinois so likely get the Cards game. Oh well, I can watch Matt Holliday play.

11:12 - Speak of the devil. Holliday couldn't catch a long ball and the AL is on base. Bitter sweet for me.

11:14 - Ball four, two on, one out.

11:15 - Vernon Wells (boo!) grounds out, getting the force at 2nd. 1st and 3rd, 2 outs.

11:17 - Torii Hunter gets a standing o from his Angels fans. Demonstrates excellent patience at the plate for the first two pitches, then quickly strikes out. Inning over. 3-1 NL

11:23 - Sorry, I just got distracted by Facebook but it doesn't look like I missed anything.

11:23 - No, I didn't. Going into the bottom of the 8th. Still 3-1 NL

11:29 - Yay! Paul Konerko! And that is just that I am happy to see him. He hasn't done anything yet.

11:29 - And he didn't do anything. He seriously dogged it to 1st after grounding out to 3rd. 2 out, no one on.

11:31 - Bautista pop up to foul territory ends the 8th. Score has not changed and I don't want to type it again. Look up.

11:32 - I am getting very sick of these George Takei Sharp commercials.

11:34 - Top o' the 9th. Detroit's Valverde pitching now.  First pitch is 97 MPH. Delivers a strike out to whomever was batting for Houston. You know, that guy.

11:36 - Another strike out to a nameless NL player. Oh look, Marlon Byrd is up. How do we expect a Cubs player to perform against Valverde?

11:40 - Valverde strikes out the side, but really, striking out a Cubs player can't be that hard. I'd like to try.

11:42 - Broxton is going to try to close it. He won't. Ortiz gets a lead off hit. I dislike him a little bit less right now.

11:45 - Beltre disappoints with a three-pitch swinging strikeout. The earth keeps turning.

11:48  - John Buck, the only catcher left and in the game 'til the end, and he is at bat. Gets three balls, then two swinging strikes for a full count. Gets a hit to right but Big Papi moves as faster as Bowser and gets out before he can slid into 2nd. 2 out, one on in a force play.

11:49 -  Way to swing at the first pitch. The National League just won for the first time in 1,000 (ok, 14) years. Whatever, Yankees will still win it all this year. Steinbrenner already worked the deal out on his first day behind the Pearly Gates.

G'night! Thanks for playing along. I look forward to rereading this tomorrow.

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  1. I don't think the "deal" Steinbrenner made for the Yankees was done behind the pearly gates - I wasn't under the impression Satan travels that far to collect souls promised to him in return for championships.