Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rain, Rain, Stay Away

I have to leave my apt to melt in this heat in about 5 minutes, but here are some pics from the game last night:
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I was nervous about AJ, after his last start and clubhouse rampage, but he got his head together and made it through the five innings before the rain delay.

The sky was going crazy before the rain started, shot here at the bottom of the 4th from my seat in Section 203.

And then the sky opened up.

 After the game resumed, about an hour and a half later, I stood in the concourse near home plate to get some closer shots. Here is Brett, hitting a bases-clearing double that brought the score to 6-0 in the 6th.

This is were I met Marc, his awesome camera that gave me an inferiority complex, and Marc's friend, John. Hi, guys!

All eyes were on A-Rod, all game. He didn't manage to get 600, but he did get a few hits. Here his is after hitting a single in the 7th. It was impossible for me to get a god shot of him at the plate because every time he sauntered up to bat, the entire stadium rose to their feet.

I returned to the bleachers for the end of the game, where the Creatures had all waited out the rain, in true Section 203 style.

This was only my second game in 203 this year, and since I spent time in Section 39 at the old stadium several years, but all the Creatures made me feel welcome. Tina even eyed me warily, just like she used to do.

The stadium cleared after the bottom of the 8th, but we all stuck it out 'til the end. Here, Kim Jones is interviewing Cano as the bullpen and outfield reach the dugout. Take me with you!

Thanks again for the game, Dave. And everyone else for the great time had. Sorry I missed the Ale House post-game, drunk guys whose names I can't remember. I can only imagine how many shots we would have done...

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