Monday, July 19, 2010

Beating the Off-Day Blues: I Should Be Somewhere Over Michigan Right Now...

...Instead, I am chilling out (thanks to 10mg of Diazepam) at gate B7 in the Indianapolis Int'l Airport, waiting to get on my much delayed, much maligned, flight to Chicago where I am connecting to LGA (I hope).

As I sit and watch our departure time tick steadily later, I know that this means there isn't a chance in hell that I am going to get to see Hughes pitch tonight* back to NYC at a reasonable hour. Normally when I visit my family, I don't get to see the Yankees play at all, since I am in White Sox/Cubs territory. But Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon the vs. TB game on TBS, just in time to see Pettitte get pulled.

My nieces arrived shortly after I turned the game on, and I informed my older niece, Edanne, that Derek Jeter was about to bat. This is what she did:

She jumped for joy when Jeter got a base hit and then quickly left the room to do whatever six year olds do. A few moments later, Teix drove Jeter home and I called Edanne back in the room for the replay.

"Derek Jeter just scored a run and now we are tied!"

"Yay yay yay! I love Derek Jeter!" she replied while jumping up in the air and waving her arms around.

My two year old niece, Lily, upon hearing the commotion, came into the living room, pointed at the TV and said "Shrek!" While I can hold my own when Frenchie wants to watch something other than baseball, the needs of babes outweigh my game time and I quickly lost my TV rights so the Shrek DVD could be turned on and then ignored.

But at least Edanne got to see Jeter bat. Now I just need to get her to a game at the stadium. Baby steps.

*Thank you to Peter for pointing out my error. I blame the Midwest, which, while it molded me into a wonderful human being thanks to my upbringing, has caused me a bit of stress today and got my brain all confused-like. Also, I hope that I am in New York by 7:05 pm tomorrow night so I can see Hughes get his 12th W.

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