Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No AC and No Yankees Make YBG Something Something

Eff it's hot! I'm brain dead from work and exhausted from workouts and, as previously mentioned, the Yanks are out West, with late East Coast start times. With an hour before game time, I thought I could make it, but then I looked at the thermostat in my living room and saw "98 degrees".

I looked at my black leather couch and then I looked at the TV, cable box all ready for YES Network. And then I looked back at my black leather couch, envisioned frying an egg on it, remembered that two people died yesterday in 90+ degree homes and headed to my bedroom, where there is no cable and I am sans the GameDay package on my netbook, but I have an air conditioner.

And I feel a little like this:

I really want to wake up and find that AJ finally got another W and maybe lowered that ERA. Also, I would like to wake up and find that I have the winning PowerBall ticket in my wallet. I suppose I'm hoping a bit more for the latter, but thinking the former is more likely. Can I at least get one out of two?

Stay cool, everyone. Let's Go Yankees!

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