Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Observation: Are Mets Fans In Hiding?

I left for work a little earlier than usual today, and on my three block walk to the train, I noticed two gentlemen in Yankees caps. Good morning, boys.

Then, I got to the train, and sat across from a guy in a Mattingly t-shirt. Good choice, sir.

As my commute continued, I noticed more and more Yankees gear - and one ugly hat with a red "B" - but no Mets gear. Where are the Mets fans? It's not like I live in Manhattan or even the Bronx. I live in Astoria, Queens, not too far from Citi. My deli guy is a Mets fan. Most of the guys who work at the gym are Mets fans (I know this because the Mets game always ends up on the big TVs while I have to hunt down the YES network on my tiny elipitcal machine TV) and it is not uncommon to see an entire family in Mets hats, shirts and the mom in a David Wright jersey on the busier streets in my neighborhood.

By the time I made it to SoHo, I counted 15 pieces of Yankees paraphernalia, all on men, and no one rocking the blue and orange of the Mets.

Yes, Yankees fans out number Mets fans  2:1, according to a survey by WSJ in May, but, shouldn't I then have seen 7.5 Mets caps this morning? Or are all of the Mets fans sleeping off their hangovers (another finding from the WSJ survey is that Mets fans drink more)?

The Mets are currently in 2nd place in their division, after the Braves and yes, the Yankees are sitting in 1st, but even if the Yankees were in 5th (I know, I know, but pretend with me for a moment), I would still wear my hat every day to the gym and when running Sunday morning errands, my Bernie Williams shirt to Pilates and my Babe Ruth jersey to games.

Where are you, my dear Mets fans? Represent and support your team, even at 8:15 on a Thursday morning. And go beat those silly Dodgers. They deserve it.


  1. That's strange... because lately, I've realized I've been seeing more Mets memorabilia around New York than Yankees.

  2. Interesting. And you aren't at Citi when you notice this?

  3. Also, I went to grab a coffee from the deli below my office and saw two Yankees caps and an A's cap but no Mets...