Sunday, July 25, 2010

You Suck, Wood (Updated)

Blake Wood, after coming in a the bottom of the 8th to the top of the Yankees line-up, proceeded to load up the bases and then hit the player that every Yankees fan is watching with bated breath. Yep, he hit A-Rod, who had a chance to turn 600 into a grand slam.

Someone might want to get this guy a police escort to the airport...(Image/PicApp)
May 17, 2010: Blake Wood for the Kansas City Royals pitches during a game against the hometown Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. The Royals beat the Orioles 4 - 3.

After pitching to A-Rod high and inside, Wood threw a 95 mph fastball that landed smack on A-Rod's left arm/hand/wrist. A-Rod's previous swing had missed a 96 mph fastball, but he swung with such conviction that Wood likely wanted to take him down a notch with another inside pitch. Or he tried to hit the most watched man in NYC on purpose. Who knows, maybe he is suicidal?

As A-Rod crouched on all-fours and then made a slow walk towards first base, surrounded by trainers, Wood quickly exited the mound to a chorus of boos that will likely haunt his dreams. Alex left the game shortly after and so far, we have no news.

I have to get ready for dinner but I will update later when we know how Alex is doing.

UPDATED: Both Girardi and A-Rod said he is fine and will likely start in the series' opener against Cleveland. The ball didn't hit A-Rod's hand "flush" and while it caused him some initial pain, everything seems to be fine. Phew!

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