Saturday, August 21, 2010

All The Pics That Are Fit To Print

This is how the game experience and the rest of the night went down. Well, at least how you are going to see it. My Mom does read this thing from time to time.

Dave, Rachel, Ashley, Christina and I attended the game. We were met later by Liz, who was supposed to come but was thwarted in her efforts to reach the Bronx on time.

                          Pre game, obligatory outfit photo
Davey at his first Yankees game
I know what you have come to expect from me, my dear readers
For Christina - shakin' it like a Polaroid picture

In our seats: Davey, Rachel the Golden Child and you all know Ashley
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Does Ashley see something she likes?
 Yes, she does. Happy almost birthday, Brett Brett
Cap'n trying to start a rally
Seat cute: YBG and Christina
 This is why/This is why/This is why we drink
The only time we saw Mo all night. The girls were awe-struck
This makes perfect sense
Appalled by the Yankees loss
Ladies and gentlemen, The Golden Child is off the market
STAN'S!!! We closed this joint.
We make it to Washington Heights, down one shoe
The puppy was enough to make her forget her new fiancee

We took the inflatable Coors Light can to McDonald's, where they had no ice cream. Fail.
Every night should include a 4 am dance party on the street. With sunglasses.
I still don't know who Trina is...But I was taught how to Dougie


  1. I'm completely heartbroken I missed this! Glad you girls had fun!

  2. We did and we missed you! Wait, are you calling Davey a girl?