Friday, August 20, 2010

For the Love of My Boys

One of the best things about being a female baseball fan, and really, a female fan of any sport played by young, fit men, is that there is a lot of eye candy to appreciate. And, if you are Ash and I, catcall while attending their sporting events.

In my case, and with many of the baseball chicks I know, we love the game and we love the men who play the game (that sounds familiar...) but sometimes, it may come off that the hotness of the players is all we care about.

I was watching MLB Network with Dave the Bleacher Creature recently, and a recap of the Cardinals game came on. The show ran down the best players of the game and failed to mention, or even show, Matt Holliday.

"They talked about Pujols, Molina, Miles but no Matt," I pouted.

"Matt?" Dave asked.


"He's over-rated," Dave informed me.

"I don't care if he went 0-5. There should always be mentions and visuals of Matt Holliday."


"Because he's hot!"

"Um, ok," Dave laighed at me. "That's a great argument."

"I think it is and I'm sure I could find others to agree with me."

"Not anyone who actually cares about the game."

Ouch. I care about the game; The Cardinals are my NL team. I also care about seeing Holliday's cute smile and arms. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only woman who feels that way.

Every day on Twitter, I read interesting, live commentary on games, critiques of the strategies of various teams, general support for the game and sexually-charged analysis of the players in their uniforms from female baseball fans. It is a sort of bonding thing for us girls, who often have one big crush and several auxiliary crushes on players (I have several big crushes, obvi). Men either chose to ignore it, or there is a lot of eye rolling at the computer screen and possible unfollowing.

Yesterday, I had a nice baseball chat with a colleague, Aaron, a fellow freelancer, after his hometown Padres beat my most-loathed home state Cubs.

"How are they doing?" I asked him.

"They just won."

"Nice. The Yankees won too."

"The Padres beat the Cubs."

"Even better. The Cubs should always lose." I can be a little cruel, but c'mon. It's the Cubs.

And then later:

"A lot of people lost faith in the Padres," Aaron said.

"Oh yeah? Did you?" I asked.

"No, but so many people wrote them off."

"Well, I generally don't worry about the National League teams, but I don't think the Padres will go all the way. I think it will be the Cardinals or the Phillies in the World Series."

"Really, you think the Cardinals can get past the Reds?" he asked.

"I do. I have faith in my Cardinals."

"Are a lot of people in Illinois Cardinals fans?"

"No, but I hate the Cubs and the Cardinals are the natural enemy of the Cubs so I want them to do well."


"Also, there are a couple of players on the Cardinals I have crushes on, so I want to see them more."

All I got after that was a disappointed head shake, followed by a turn-and-walk away. I probably deserved it. I do actually think the Cardinals are going to pick it up, pass the Reds or at least grab the Wild Card and make it to the Series. I don't have that much faith in the Phillies to pass the Braves or hold onto the Wild Card lead but I also don't cheer for the boys of Philadelphia.

Tonight, I'm going to the game with four other women (including the blog-and-Twitter-famous Ashley) and a gay man. While I am sure that the game will be watched and appreciated, I am also sure that there will be objectification of the players. The only thing I am more sure of is that $9 beer will be consumed.

And even though Ashley and I will be singing "Happy Birthday" to Brett Brett from our seats in 424, I'm going to try to be a bit more reserved with my other declarations of love. Because even though the crush will still be there, I would prefer for people to think I am a baseball fan first, not a fan of cute boys who hit balls. I am Your Baseball Girl, after all, not Letters to Penthouse.

Plus, A.J. will be getting the most of my attention...


  1. Cute, but...

    You told the guy that "No," there aren't a lot of Cardinals fans in Illinois? Really? Have you ever been south of I-80? The whole southern two-thirds of the state is largely Cards country.

  2. I stand corrected. Where I come from, in Central Illinois, it is Cubs or White Sox. Go Cardinals-in-Illinois fans!