Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot Child in the Citi

Let's be honest with ourselves. I enjoyed the Mets game, but I wasn't as into it as I could have been. Mets versus Astros was very "meh" to me when my Yankees were playing my White Sox. But, I love a ball game and I love going with a group to the ball game, so I had a stellar time, if only more for the company and the energy than the game at play.

Gussie, Howie, Pete and Lee and I took to the Bronx Flushing, Queens last Friday. They are a rowdy bunch that knows how to drink party and we watched the first five raptly, got some Shake Shack and then watched the Mets almost blow it in the 9th, but not quite. Good job!

Here are some hot pics (click any to enlarge):
This dog had a pipe in his mouth. Social commentary on David Wright or just a cute trick? The Golden Child has told me of a legend 50 lb cat named Pelofino who lives near Citi Field. I plan to get him a jersey like this and get him into the stadium.

A little high?
Boys. G'day, mates!
Girls. We kicked some nerds out of our seats when we first arrived. They obediently moved. Then we realized that they were not our seats. Oops. We stayed.

"Darryl! Darryl! Darryl!"

(Click below for more)

In line at da Shake Shack. Shortest line ever.

From behind the field-level left field seats. Bottom o'the 8th.

I don't know who this is, but I want to play catch with him.

Jeff Francoeur...I'll take it in the absence of my Brett Brett.

We like Ike. And we like Mike....Darryl too.

This is how we roll.


  1. Citifield is in Queens, not the Bronx.

  2. Ha! Thank you! I should stop drinking wine while I blog.

  3. Thanks for taking us to the game Jo, I'll have to make a Yankees one next time. It was a great experience for Pete and I. If your ever in Australia we'll take you out to an Aussie Rules game! I'm sure you'd find it interesting.


  4. I had fun too, Lee! Thanks for going to the game with us. I cannot wait to come to Oz and check out an Aussie Rules game! Do I need to come in your summer?

  5. Thats how slow I am...yeh Joanna our game is on in the Winter, every big city has a team but we have 2 in the West where Pete and I live. Your hospitality will surely be reciprocated! I'm on Howies facebook if your ever so inclined. Tough luck on the Yankees this year!

    Take care

  6. Ok, I'll be booking my trip to OZ for sometime in June or July. I wouldn't call making the playoffs tough luck. Yes, the Yankees didn't win it all, but at least they got further than the majority of other MLB teams.