Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Couldn't Get Him the Win

Wow. AJ got no support last night. He also couldn't get out of his head after he gave up 3 runs at the top of the 1st. It would have been nice if his teammates had given him some run support.

Throwing his first pitch, which was a ball

I was the only one within my ear shot that was supporting him through his start. I heard a lot of "Take him out!!!" and "AJ you're a bum" (bum wasn't always the word but you can get the idea). The jeers drowned out my "C'mon AJ!" cheers but I like to think I was drunk enough loud enough for him to hear me.
Allan James had an ugly night. It sucks, but he will do better; he is AJ, after all. I hope to see him pitch at least one more time at home before the post season but my schedule is making it tricky to get to another game before the final home stand.

Working through the game. The tats are working too.
His last pitch

After the game, I got a moment alone with him. Well, his picture.

My substitute for the real thing
The night was actually amazing. Ashley, Christina, Rachel, David and I had a ridiculous amount of fun, despite the abysmal game playing. And really, the loss gave us a reason to continue our night into the morning and we were lucky enough to get some Liz time post-game, since she wasn't able to make it. Those pictures are coming up next!

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