Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday in the Stadium with Ash

No offense to anyone else I have been to baseball games with - Adrian, my ex, my other ex, well, you know who you are - but I think the game on Sunday was the most fun I have had at Yankee Stadium this season. It could have been the excitement of the versus B*ston series, it could have been the proximity to Brett Brett but all I know is that Ashley and I (and Lisa, our new favorite Bud Light vendor) had a very, very good night.

In honor of our mutual crush, all of the following photos are of Brett Brett, whom we hope heard us calling his name at the top of the 7th.
Ash, Brett & Bud Light (in a hurty cup, don't get these)
Not dirty at the top of the 2nd

After stealing 2nd

Very nice! Sexy time!
Dirty in the 4th - Yep, all three of them are looking at us
Zoom, you are so good to me (us)
The above pic is part of a series of 10 shots with the aforeblogged Continuous Sports Action feature on my camera. I am making Ashley a flip book. This is how it ends, as all things should end...
One last, good squat shot. This was when we were, um, telling him how much we love him
The Yanks won and our night was capped by an appearance by Mo to throw a one-pitch out to end the game.

Can't wait for the game on the 20th, when we will hopefully be joined by more peeps from T&C.


  1. We'll always have the Shake Shack! Go Yanks!

  2. I said Yankee Stadium, not Citi. You still get my best experience in Flushing this year.

  3. Geez, I know I can count on you for some good ass shots!!

  4. Always - my camera just seems to focus on the right spot.