Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My New Favorite Flip Book

Shot from my field-level seat on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. A-Rod was warming up for what turned out to be a strikeout.

 "I threw you good, beeoch!"
And with that, Yankees post-season tix just went on sale. Did you get yours?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clinched, Clanched, Clunched

The Yankees just clinched their place in the playoffs!!! Who cares if it is the Wild Card spot or not, it is the effing PLAYOFFS, BABY!!!

Yes, that pic is from Sunday night's game. Sorry, I'm not in Toronto.


Flying Solo - Wednesday, September 22nd

My only solo game last week was on Wednesday. I bought a seat infield, upper deck but front row because I knew AJ was pitching and I wanted to get some good shots of him. Which I did:

 I also had some good shots of Legends seating pandering. I'm sure they got on TV.
 Look familiar?
 And then, the skies opened up. The faithful and I waited two hours for the rain to end.
 And after it did...
 I ended up with my first field-level seat of the week, which gave me this view of Jeter, warming up after the delay.
 My AJ didn't make it back in after the rain, but I got a good view of Brett Brett at the bat.

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Games and Over 1,000 Pics

From the four games I attended last week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, I have more than 1,000 pictures, ranging from shots in the upper deck right field to the Bleachers to the aforeblogged behind-the-dugout seats.

I was quite under the weather today and didn't have the energy to even begin working out how I can share the best of these pics with you. So, I plan to post shots from each game one day this week, along with the usual bloggy goodness that you have come to expect from me.

Until then, please enjoy these Brett Brett flip-book style pics from last night's attempt to steal 2nd base. Shot from Bleacher section 203.

Click below for more

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Tale of Two Dugout Seats

These oatmeal chocolate chocolate chip cookies (I added cocoa powder to the dry ingredients this time to yummy results) will from this point on in history be known as "Behind the Dugout" cookies. Because that is where they got Ashley and me on Friday night.

The game was close, but the Red Sox had the lead. At the bottom of the 8th, Ash, the cookies and I made our way down to the field level to see if a friend I had made on Wednesday night was around. He was, and with one magically gesture, we ended up in the front row of the field level seats, directly behind the right side of the Yankees dugout and 1st base. Yes, the Yankees were all of 10 to 15 feet from us.

Including Teix

Brett Brett:


And the closest either of us had been to the gameplay. Here is some Jeter:

And Speed Racer Gardner:

We couldn't be sad at the end of the game, even though it was a close(ish) loss, because we were so close. Before we went to find our friends who didn't have the cookies or feminine smiles, Mo and Cervelli walked past us.

And in between yelling "We love you, Mo!" I got out a quick "Love you too, Cervelli!" and I swear, he looked at us and smiled.

We then went to Stan's with Howie and Davey, where Ashley and I gave a sailor the last cookie. He earned it. Be safe, adorable sailor!

More pics to come later from Wednesday to Friday (each night I got varying levels of seat upgrades) and also from tonight's trip to the Bleachers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Begins...

I haven't done five games in a row at this Yankees stadium, but tonight is game one of five for me this week. I'm flying solo tonight, so no one will distract me from taking pictures of my AJ. Then tomorrow night, my friend Janelle and I are sitting in her seats to see CC pitch. Friday will be an epic night with Smash, David and Howie (of the most recent Mets game), Saturday is still up in the air and Sunday, the final regular season game at Yankee Stadium this season, will be with Dave and the Bleacher Creatures in Section 203.

See you soon, boys and Boss! (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees players and manager Joe Girardi (28) watches as a monument of former Yankees owner George M. Steinbrenner is unveiled in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, before the Yankees' MLB American League Baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays, in New York September 20, 2010.  REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Will you be at the stadium any of those five games? Let me know because I would love to meet up! I can't promise when I will have game reports, but I will have them. With lots of pictures, and not all of Brett Gardner's backside.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch Break: Oh, Andy, You're So Dandy

Yankees fans got to see Andy Pettitte's return to the majors last night, as he threw six, giving up only three hits and one earned run.

Throwing like he didn't miss a beat (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees starting pitcher Andy Pettitte delivers a pitch against the Baltimore Orioles in the first inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Baltimore, Maryland September 19, 2010.  REUTERS/Joe Giza (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Although he left the game with a lead, he ended with a non-decision after the Yankees lost in 11. Mo gave up a solo shot in the 9th that tied the game and neither the bullpen nor the offense could recover, but, I'm sure Andy isn't holding it against them so we shouldn't either.

We get to see Andy's return to the Bronx on Friday night versus B*ston. I will be there. Will you?

The Man Behind the Game for Me

I want to take a quick moment to thank my father, on his birthday. He took me to my first baseball game, a White Sox affair at old Komiskey, when I was too young to remember the outcome.

In the 90s, when he lived on the South Side, my brother, my sister and I would frequently go to games with him, in addition to trips to the Museum of Science & Industry, Six Flags and visits to see family in the 'burbs. Games at Komiskey always ended with a trip to Connie's, where we played "Salt Shakers," a game he invented that involved an elaborate scoring process based on where a slid salt shaker landed on the table, while we waited the 45 minutes for our deep dish pies.

I still vividly remember our last game together, at U.S. Cellular, when the White Sox were playing the Indians. I was under-aged, but I managed to get a beer. He did not like that and he took it away from me. My step-mother, younger step-brother and my baby brother, Frankenstein, were there too. Sox won.

Today, he would have been 61. Thank you for everything, Dad. Especially the baseball. I miss you and will always love you.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AJ's August, Summed Up On His Face...

AJ was rocking quite the shiner on his right eye last night. It added to his bad boy cred and well, you can imagine that I kinda liked it.

But he also threw well, which I liked even more. He didn't get a W, since the Yankees scored 3 runs in the 9th to take the lead back and ultimately win, but AJ hadn't come back after the 7th. I'm happy the Yanks won, took back 1st and that AJ didn't add to the L column.

I cannot seem to find a picture, and the screen grab I got doesn't meet my high standards, so I'll upload a decent pic when I can get one.

AJ isn't saying where he got the shiner, but other than skirting the issue at hand, err, face, but AJ was otherwise self-aware, stating in post-game interviews, "I can't erase my record or my ERA, but I can definitely help this team get to where we're supposed to go and our ultimate goal."

Now, let's get you a W next Wednesday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If He Was On Any Other Team, I Would Hate Him

But mostly, I'm just happy the Cap'n didn't take a fastball to the elbow.

Too bad it couldn't get the win and keep us in first place. We'll get it back.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Enjoy 1st Place, Jerks

Because you won't be there for long.

I hope.

The Rays have more to celebrate than YBG would like (Image/PicApp)
Toronto Blue Jays Adam Lind celebrates with team mates after hitting a two run walk off home run in the ninth inning to beat the Tampa Bay Rays in their American League MLB baseball game in Toronto September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Fred Thornhill (CANADA - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

I guess they aren't really jerks...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Baseball's Prime

Man, I had a lazy weekend. It was a well-earned lazy weekend, though. On Saturday, I slept until 1 pm and then shunned the sunshine for baseball and baseball-related TV. I happened across a marathon of Prime 9 episodes on MLBN and quickly learned that they were top 9 countdown shows. Hooked! I'm a total sucker for countdown/nostalgia type shows and I DVRed each episode in the four hour block.
In between watching the Mets game and feeling like I was in some sort of hazy dream during the Yankees game (AJ totally would have evened out if the rain delay hadn't forced him to end his night early, btws). I watched several episodes, including top 9 Shortstops, top 9 Bloopers and, my favorite, top 9 Greatest Ballparks.

I won't spoil the #1 ballpark, but I will say that considering my two most hated teams have iconic ballparks that I was less-than-thrilled with the pick. Old Yankee Stadium was #2. Komiskey got snubbed.

Prime 9 debuted last January and was one of the first pieces of original programming from MLBN, according to this press release disguised as an article. In nearly two years, 29 original episodes have aired, including one on comeback that I would really like to watch. It is teased as a show that "will either settle the debate or provoke more discussion" and a Google search of Prime 9 MLB will give you a taste of how many debates have been sparked.

The shows include commentary from players, past and present, vintage baseball footage and enough baseball history to fuel a trip to Cooperstown. The next time your team is rained out, grab your clicker, head over to MLBN and see if Prime 9 is on. Or be prepared for a sick day at home and load your Tivo with repeats. You might just learn a thing or two about the greatest pitching seasons in MLB history. Ooh, I want to see that one too.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beating the Off-Day Blues: Happy All Saints Day!

No, it isn't November 1st, but it is the first official NFL game of the season, and hottie Drew Brees and his Saints are going to destroy Grandpa Farve and his Vikings.

Drew Brees: A Good Guy at Sports (Image/PicApp)
NEW ORLEANS - AUGUST 21: Drew Brees  talks with Robert Meachem  of the New Orleans Saints during the game against the Houston Texans at the Louisiana Superdome on August 21, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

I'm fixin' ta head to meet up with friends to watch the game in midtown this evening. It should be ridiculous amounts of fun, especially since there isn't a Yankees game to watch tonight and the White Sox are playing now *UPDATE* already lost to the Tigers (Dang it, Johnny!).

I'm not about to become Your Football Girl, though. While I enjoy the gameplay, I'm not looking to dive head first into obsession with another sport. And, to be completely honest about it, I've only been a Saints fan since this time last year. While visiting my family last September, my brother in-law and I made a pact: I root for the Saints and he roots against the Red Sox (he said as a Texan, he could never cheer for a team called "Yankees"). It worked; both of our teams won their respective championship titles and my bro in-law and I bonded over our mutual hatred of sports teams from New England.

I can't imagine I will have too much else to say about NFL before the end of the World Series, but you never know. In the meantime, Geaux Saints!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

101 Blog Posts

Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my more than 100 blog posts on Your Baseball Girl. Yay! I am so grateful for all of my readers who check in on my baseball musings, whether I am talking about the Yankees, White Sox, Cardinals, teasing the Cubs, finding ways to work in The Simpsons, praising women in the game or just objectifying players. It means a lot that you are here - and that you comment - and whether you are a baseball fan who found me organically or if you are one of my friends or family members who read out of support, you all mean so much to me.

Pause for a single tear to drop.

I started this blog because I love baseball and I love talking about it, but it was also a step that I took, and perhaps am still taking, to find a new direction in my life. At the end of March, I was coming out of a bit of a dark place and writing, something I always wanted to do, became a way for me to make a change. And after I started my blog, a lot of good came my way, many of those things I am still enjoying in my life now. So for me, this blog represents so much more than my words on the internet; it is me, who I was, who I am and who I want to be. And I thank you for sharing it with me.

One final thank you, to a friend of my friend Cassie's, who upon learning of my plans to start my blog, told me that it wouldn't last. I met him on April 1st, when I was with Cassie and her boyfriend, Brian, at her friend's guest bartending gig at Bullpen on the UES. After telling him about the URL I had purchased, my tickets that I had scrimped to buy for Home Opener Week and all of my plans for what I wanted to write about the game and pop culture and baseball history, he told me that most blogs don't make it two months but he didn't see mine making it for more than six weeks. And then he turned and got another beer.

Clearly, he didn't know who he was speaking with but I don't fault him, nor do I hate him. I appreciate him because his statement reminded me that for all of the people in the world who will wish me well and cheer me on, there will be haters who, for whatever their own reasons, hope that I fail.

So, here's to you, friend of Cassie's whose name I can't remember. Me and my 2,500 UVPM say cheers!

I'll see you guys tomorrow and look forward to enjoying the rest of the baseball season with you!


P.S. An extra special thanks, with hugs and kisses, for anyone who has gone to a game with me this season. Thanks for enjoying a game with me and for putting up with my yelling, zealous picture-taking and refusal to leave before the final out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Game Is Always On

Until this evening, I had not watched more than a few innings of a baseball game in nearly a week. Inconceivable, you say? Well, I am Your Baseball Girl, so even though I wasn't physically at a game, or watching the games on TV because of my very busy schedule, I still managed to follow the Yankees, the White Sox in B*ston and, here and there, the Cardinals and Reds series.

When I can't see the action of the game, I have several methods, each with its own pros and cons, that help me follow the play by play. All of these outlets are free, or included in my mobile plan, so I don't have to pay for extras, like MLB TV or Yankees on YES.

The next time you are wondering what's going on during a day game or are on the road, give one of these bad boys a shot:

MLB GameDay - The GameDay graphics have improved greatly over the past few years, and you can now view where the pitches land with minimal delay. The box score, pitching report, scoring plays and a running breakdown of ABs can be viewed. It's actually a great resource when watching a game if you want to check on something that happened earlier in the game. I love GameDay for when I am working (shhh!) or have traveled to a region that doesn't air Yankees games. Sometimes, I even follow the White Sox game on GameDay while watching the Yankees on TV.

I always get to GameDay by heading to my team's home page and clicking on the GameDay icon, which appears within 30 minutes of each game and stays there through the last pitch.

Mobile MLB - I have the HTC Evo, and when I have internet service, I can get the same basic GameDay features on my phone. The Yankees' Mobile MLB page is even the home page on my phone's internet browser, since it is usually the first thing I want to see. I frequently use this method during commutes, while in line at the store, well, pretty much anywhere that is not my home, Yankee Stadium or a sports bar.

Twitter - It's sometimes hard to catch the score on Twitter, but it's an excellent accessory for the computer/mobile MLB programs. The users I follow Tweet interesting plays that I can't see and they can usually make me laugh with their razzing of the Yankees announcers' banal conversation topics.

Google Texting - A colleague from back in the day taught me that I can send a text to Google (466453) with pretty much anything, and I will get some kind of response. I use this if I am looking for an address, - the name of the establishment and a zip code or city are usually sufficient - movie times - type the name of the movie and a zip code - and a baseball score. Type in the name of the team and it will likely return the current score, the inning and the date and time of the next game. I've never tried this with "Tigers" or "Angels", two team names that are vague enough to return restaurant names, but I imagine, adding the word "score" to the team name will return the desired result.

I find this method works best when there is no/slow internet, like in certain underground subway stations, or when I need a quick answer, say if a date is busy looking at his menu and I can blindly type seven letters under the table. Bonus! Google texting works for football and hockey scores too.

Internet Radio - I've never been one for radio, so I haven't tried this option yet, but a Tweep @JPLS, told me about SportsRadio620. It seems that you can use this site to listen to many, if not all, MLB game broadcasts.

What do you use to keep up with the game? Let us know in the comments and I will let you know how it works out for me the next time the Yankees don't work with my schedule.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Phew! He Needed That!

Last night, AJ got his first win since the end of July (a game I attended) and it wasn't just a good thing, but also necessary to save his spot in the rotation.

A.J. had control over his curve balls and his head (Image/PicApp)
New York Yankees starting pitcher A.J. Burnett reacts to giving up a RBI single to Chicago White Sox's Carlos Quentin during the first inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Chicago August 27, 2010. REUTERS/John Gress (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

He's now go double digits in the win column but a losing record. Can September be his best month this season? Let's hope, but at least it's not August anymore, right Allan James?