Wednesday, September 8, 2010

101 Blog Posts

Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my more than 100 blog posts on Your Baseball Girl. Yay! I am so grateful for all of my readers who check in on my baseball musings, whether I am talking about the Yankees, White Sox, Cardinals, teasing the Cubs, finding ways to work in The Simpsons, praising women in the game or just objectifying players. It means a lot that you are here - and that you comment - and whether you are a baseball fan who found me organically or if you are one of my friends or family members who read out of support, you all mean so much to me.

Pause for a single tear to drop.

I started this blog because I love baseball and I love talking about it, but it was also a step that I took, and perhaps am still taking, to find a new direction in my life. At the end of March, I was coming out of a bit of a dark place and writing, something I always wanted to do, became a way for me to make a change. And after I started my blog, a lot of good came my way, many of those things I am still enjoying in my life now. So for me, this blog represents so much more than my words on the internet; it is me, who I was, who I am and who I want to be. And I thank you for sharing it with me.

One final thank you, to a friend of my friend Cassie's, who upon learning of my plans to start my blog, told me that it wouldn't last. I met him on April 1st, when I was with Cassie and her boyfriend, Brian, at her friend's guest bartending gig at Bullpen on the UES. After telling him about the URL I had purchased, my tickets that I had scrimped to buy for Home Opener Week and all of my plans for what I wanted to write about the game and pop culture and baseball history, he told me that most blogs don't make it two months but he didn't see mine making it for more than six weeks. And then he turned and got another beer.

Clearly, he didn't know who he was speaking with but I don't fault him, nor do I hate him. I appreciate him because his statement reminded me that for all of the people in the world who will wish me well and cheer me on, there will be haters who, for whatever their own reasons, hope that I fail.

So, here's to you, friend of Cassie's whose name I can't remember. Me and my 2,500 UVPM say cheers!

I'll see you guys tomorrow and look forward to enjoying the rest of the baseball season with you!


P.S. An extra special thanks, with hugs and kisses, for anyone who has gone to a game with me this season. Thanks for enjoying a game with me and for putting up with my yelling, zealous picture-taking and refusal to leave before the final out.


  1. Love you too! Hugs and kisses for my little Yankees fans at home.

  2. Many congrats, HoJo - Thanks for writing! So, what do you plan to write about during the impending off-season? The superior sport of American football?

  3. Drew Brees' fineness may make it onto the blog in the off season, but there is still plenty of baseball to talk from November to April. Also, hockey. Go Rangers!