Saturday, September 18, 2010

AJ's August, Summed Up On His Face...

AJ was rocking quite the shiner on his right eye last night. It added to his bad boy cred and well, you can imagine that I kinda liked it.

But he also threw well, which I liked even more. He didn't get a W, since the Yankees scored 3 runs in the 9th to take the lead back and ultimately win, but AJ hadn't come back after the 7th. I'm happy the Yanks won, took back 1st and that AJ didn't add to the L column.

I cannot seem to find a picture, and the screen grab I got doesn't meet my high standards, so I'll upload a decent pic when I can get one.

AJ isn't saying where he got the shiner, but other than skirting the issue at hand, err, face, but AJ was otherwise self-aware, stating in post-game interviews, "I can't erase my record or my ERA, but I can definitely help this team get to where we're supposed to go and our ultimate goal."

Now, let's get you a W next Wednesday.

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