Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flying Solo - Wednesday, September 22nd

My only solo game last week was on Wednesday. I bought a seat infield, upper deck but front row because I knew AJ was pitching and I wanted to get some good shots of him. Which I did:

 I also had some good shots of Legends seating pandering. I'm sure they got on TV.
 Look familiar?
 And then, the skies opened up. The faithful and I waited two hours for the rain to end.
 And after it did...
 I ended up with my first field-level seat of the week, which gave me this view of Jeter, warming up after the delay.
 My AJ didn't make it back in after the rain, but I got a good view of Brett Brett at the bat.

 And Jeter
 And A-Rod's bedroom eyes
 My new seat. Not saying the section, because I don't want to jeopardize future seating hook-ups with my new usher friend
 Berkman hits a solo shot
 And celebrates, even though it only brought the score to Rays - 7, Yankees - 2
 Robbie tried, but we lost
With the two hour rain delay, and my lack of ride home, I made it back to the Queens around 1:30 am. Despite the lost, the game was worth the wait. But mostly because of my seat upgrade. I wish AJ had come back in, and I wish more that he hadn't been stuck with a loss after less than two full innings pitching, but I know he is going to make it up in the post season, which, as I type his, the Yankees are three outs from clinching.