Thursday, September 16, 2010

If He Was On Any Other Team, I Would Hate Him

But mostly, I'm just happy the Cap'n didn't take a fastball to the elbow.

Too bad it couldn't get the win and keep us in first place. We'll get it back.


  1. Jeter clearly illustrating how terrible these umpires have been. But its the game. No fault on Jeter, but if Arod had done this, he would have been torn apart by the media and fans.

    This 2010 Yankees team is not winning a Championship and here is why:

    1) Who would have thought Vazquez would be this bad? Oh wait...

    2) Nick Swisher is a giant (fill in unflattering word of choice).

    3) The focus should be on the wild card right now because with Tampa's schedule, winning the division will be quite a feat. Also, I wouldn't put it past this team to go 5-11 for the rest of the season.

    4) Anybody who says "I'd rather win the wild card and get Minnesota" is a complete idiot.

    5) I can't wait to see Boone Logan vs. Joe Mauer in the 7th inning, on the road, in a close game. Losing Marte is a huge blow because he was one of the Top 3-5 reasons why they won it all last year. Instead we've got Phil Coke, Jr.

    6) The Red Sox are not out of this thing by any means.

    7) If Lance Berkman plays the field again this season, I might lose my remaining faith in Girardi.

    8) This team literally has no shot at all without a healthy Andy Pettitte.

    9) A four man rotation in the ALDS is just idiotic. CC can go on short rest in Game 4 and then back to Pettitte on full rest for Game 5 if needed. Yes, I know CC was run into the ground the last few seasons but if you think being down 2-1 in the series with Burnett/Hughes/Vazquez/Nova is going to work out then I suggest you go back and read up on the 2006 ALDS.

    10) Brian Cashman is the most overrated general manager in all of sports. He sucks.

    - Dave

  2. Thank you, David. A couple of items and then I will respond to this in greater detail later.

    1. We don't talk sh*t about Nick Swisher on this blog. I know you are jealous his fiancee is named Joanna, but he isn't that bad.

    2. You contradict yourself with points 3 and 4. Also, I remember hearing you say #4 on Saturday.

    3. You still have faith in Girardi?

    4. I will take care of Joe Mauer.

  3. Point 3 was about the likelihood of taking the Wild Card instead of the Division. Point 4 was along the lines of Minnesota not making things easy.

    Did you see the clip of Joanna Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel floating around on youtube?

  4. No, I haven't watched it yet but I will.