Monday, September 20, 2010

The Man Behind the Game for Me

I want to take a quick moment to thank my father, on his birthday. He took me to my first baseball game, a White Sox affair at old Komiskey, when I was too young to remember the outcome.

In the 90s, when he lived on the South Side, my brother, my sister and I would frequently go to games with him, in addition to trips to the Museum of Science & Industry, Six Flags and visits to see family in the 'burbs. Games at Komiskey always ended with a trip to Connie's, where we played "Salt Shakers," a game he invented that involved an elaborate scoring process based on where a slid salt shaker landed on the table, while we waited the 45 minutes for our deep dish pies.

I still vividly remember our last game together, at U.S. Cellular, when the White Sox were playing the Indians. I was under-aged, but I managed to get a beer. He did not like that and he took it away from me. My step-mother, younger step-brother and my baby brother, Frankenstein, were there too. Sox won.

Today, he would have been 61. Thank you for everything, Dad. Especially the baseball. I miss you and will always love you.


  1. I will still kick your butt at salt shaker!!!

    Love you dad.

  2. You have a great way of retelling memories!

  3. Thank you. I like to credit my creative writing professor from college with helping me hone my narrative style.

    Frank - bring it. We just need to find the right table. Or go to Connie's.

  4. Lovely piece, Joanna. You said it perfectly:"help hone" the style has always been there.
    We were all in class the day you received the sad news. I know your father would love this. xo e.

  5. Grazie mille, Principessa! I will never forget getting that news in the middle of class, nor will I forget the support from you and my fellow collaborators.

    Can't believe how long ago that was...