Monday, September 13, 2010

Baseball's Prime

Man, I had a lazy weekend. It was a well-earned lazy weekend, though. On Saturday, I slept until 1 pm and then shunned the sunshine for baseball and baseball-related TV. I happened across a marathon of Prime 9 episodes on MLBN and quickly learned that they were top 9 countdown shows. Hooked! I'm a total sucker for countdown/nostalgia type shows and I DVRed each episode in the four hour block.
In between watching the Mets game and feeling like I was in some sort of hazy dream during the Yankees game (AJ totally would have evened out if the rain delay hadn't forced him to end his night early, btws). I watched several episodes, including top 9 Shortstops, top 9 Bloopers and, my favorite, top 9 Greatest Ballparks.

I won't spoil the #1 ballpark, but I will say that considering my two most hated teams have iconic ballparks that I was less-than-thrilled with the pick. Old Yankee Stadium was #2. Komiskey got snubbed.

Prime 9 debuted last January and was one of the first pieces of original programming from MLBN, according to this press release disguised as an article. In nearly two years, 29 original episodes have aired, including one on comeback that I would really like to watch. It is teased as a show that "will either settle the debate or provoke more discussion" and a Google search of Prime 9 MLB will give you a taste of how many debates have been sparked.

The shows include commentary from players, past and present, vintage baseball footage and enough baseball history to fuel a trip to Cooperstown. The next time your team is rained out, grab your clicker, head over to MLBN and see if Prime 9 is on. Or be prepared for a sick day at home and load your Tivo with repeats. You might just learn a thing or two about the greatest pitching seasons in MLB history. Ooh, I want to see that one too.

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