Friday, October 1, 2010

Yankees Hell with My Dear Janelle

My wonderful friend, Janelle, took me to the Yankees game last Thursday.We had originally planned to sit in her seats in section 420B, behind the dugout but at the top. When I arrived, Janelle had a wonderful surprise waiting for me.
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Seats in section 223, row 1. She scored them from her friend who was sitting in field-level seats with a Mets pitcher. The first thing I did in our new seats? Stalk the dugout with my camera.
I didn't get there until the top of the 2nd. Before CC got in trouble. Enjoy his brief pitching flip book.

We were closer to home plate, but still had an excellent view of 3rd. Sup, A-Rod?
Before the bottom of the 2nd, they did a Bernie Williams montage. Since he is the great Yankee ever (a mon avis)...
his tribute deserved to be photographed.

Jetes at the plate, trying to get a walk...

Donald Trump got the Dugout seats. Lucky duck.

This might be my favorite picture I have ever taken of gameplay. Go, Robbie, go!
Janelle and Freddy. Remember Freddy from one of my first posts?
Big swing Teix!
This picture represents the Yankees Jail I felt that I was in. The game was painful and not just for the spectators. Javy came in and hit three batters in a row, the last one in the head. I found myself SCREAMING at Joe Girardi, something I have never done.

Can you hear me, Joe? Dave Eiland was on the phone, but Joe just stood there. He did, however, take out the entire starting fdefense line up for the bottom of the 8th, except Golson, who was LF instead of Brett Brett. Way to give up, dude.
Even Teix's base hit couldn't lift my spirits...and the stadium began to clear significantly at the end of the 7th.

To entertain myself I started stalking looking for AJ in the dugout. And I found him.
Hey, cutie!
The crowd also became more interesting than the game. Four Jeters, in a row...Jay-Z walked by shortly after that, but I no longer had the life force to take pictures.

At least, not until I got to East End, post game, and drowned my sorrows with our beloved Ash and Rachel, aka Action Bronson, sometimes known as Bronson Arroyo, who should have appeared on this blog earlier, but she is always "too broke" or "too busy" to make it to a game. I question her level of fandom. Yep, I called you out on my blog, Bronsonator.

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