Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, Fall

The crunch of the leaves under my boots, over-sized warm sweaters, making mischief on Halloween, cuddling under my down comforter; there are many things that I love about fall. What I don't love about fall? It is the longest possible time before more baseball. As soon as the World Series ends, I grieve.

The morning after the World Series, I instinctually went on for baseball news and the coming schedule. My brain hadn't processed that the end was upon me and my heart took even longer to accept that I wouldn't see pinstriped action for several months. But all I found was Giants news and information about 2011 partial season package.

So, I got mad. What do you mean there is no game today?!? I'm not ready to watch hockey yet! I put on my Yankees hat and defiently turned on MLB Network to only find World Series coverage, confirming that the 2010 season was over.

What do I have to do to get more baseball? I asked the universe. I promised to watch every minute of every game, to save my pennies for dugout seats, heck, I even considered trading my soul for another month of ball.

But before I could offer my kidneys to see batting practice, the tears rolled down my cheeks and I curled in a ball on my leather couch. Baseball will never be back! I moaned. I'm doomed to watch football on Sundays and pretend I like the Knicks for the rest of my days! The world closed in tight, and I hugged my Yankees' teddy bear to my chest for some semblance of comfort.

But a glimmer of hope emerged as I calmed and reminded myself that too much of a good thing is bad for the soul and absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yes, the cliches I loathe so much helped me accept that a break from baseball won't end my world and a little time away from what I love will make it all the sweeter when I return to Yankee Stadium on March 31, 2011 for the home opener.

So, I will go out and cheer for the handful of NFL teams that I want to do well, bundle up for trips to MSG to see my Rangers and follow the trades, the contract negotiations, the rumors and the girly stuff like whether Derek and Minka marry at Christmas. And I will do it with a smile, but that doesn't mean I won't be quietly counting the days until the Yankees Home Opener.

Which is 144...

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