Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brave or Braves

This headline made me snort-laugh at work. Surprisingly, no one reacted.

Also, I am well awares that I have missed a lot of baseball news, include the A.J. rumors and the whole NL/AL shake-up. My bad.

Happy Chanukah and get better soon, Dave!



Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Never Too Late for Pics from a Great Seat

Ugh, winter is upon us (Happy Verteran's Day!) and it's been days since the Cardinals won their 11th World Championship (yay!) but that doesn't mean it's too late for me to post pics...that I meant to post months ago.

On Labor Day, the wonderful, beautiful and extremely kind Nanette received four Delta Sky Box suite tickets from a friend/admirer. She graciously invited me and two of her fellow Creatures, Tina and Dave, to join her in the seats with the (almost) best view in the house.

We got there early to enjoy the view of the warm-ups (Image/me)

I love a freshly shaved Brett Brett head! (Image/me)

What up, Cervi? (obvi, this is for you, DHAB) (Image/me)

Cap'n at the bat (of course, I don't remember what happened here) (Image/me)

Oh, right, he got a HR! Yay Jeter! (Image/me)
Ducks in a row (Image/me)

Swinging for the fences (Image/me)

That's a grand slam - yea boi! (Image/me)

So happy to have seen this (but I'm sure he was happier) (Image/me)

Montero's curtain call, baby! (Image/me)

Tina and Nanette do their 203 thang in 219 (Image/me)

My favorite view in the world (Image/me)

Montero's second HR in the game and second in his career (Image/me)

Curtain call numero dos! (Image/me)

And Nanette calls Dave "Big Head Dave..." (Image/me)

I didn't hate him that game like I hated him the last game (I'm slowly getting over it) (Image/me)
Mo!!! (Image/me)

I'm in love (Image/me)

Three up, three down; that's how Mo do (Image/me)

Thanks again, Nanny. Love you forever and ever!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm tired

That game was, ugh, and I was there. It ended at midnight, it took an hour to get out of the stadium and another hour to get home. I'm at work and so tired.

This isn't the end of the blog or even the Yankees coverage for the season. I'm cheering hard for the Cards tonight (swoon, Matt Holliday) and also have a backlog of pics to post, including from the Labor Day game when Dave, Nanette, Tina and I sat in the Delta Sky Box, and even from last night, when Janelle and I were wearing rally caps for the last three innings.

I'm tired but I'm not out. And I hope you aren't either.

Gossip Girl Joanna

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How You Like Me Now?

Admit it, all that matters now is post season performance.

AJ threw his way to an ALDS win in Detroit that brings the finale back to the Bronx. BOOM! (Image/me)

Great job, AJ. And a friendly "suck it" to all of those who have been very, very loud about his underwhelming performance in the 2011 regular season. Well what about now? Yeah, that's what I thought.

And a million hugs for Grandy, who had a killer night in the field.

Who can? The Grandy man can (Image/me)

Yankees won 10-1 and with the series split at two each, both teams are now Bronx-bound for the decision-making Game 5. I cannot wait for Thursday at Yankee Stadium with Janelle! Go Yankees!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Double Hat Action Bronson Likes...Cervi Neck Veins

Well, she has yet to confirm with me that she likes this (whatever, she is working, Fashion's Night Out is looming, blah blah blah) so I will speak for her and say that she likes these very, very much.

You don't f*ck with the Jesus (Image/AP)

Cervi got into it with Bad Sox catcher, Jarrod Saltasomethingtoolong and in case you can't tell by the picture, he was none too happy about being HBP by pitcher/world-class asshat, John Lackey. This was in the 7th, two innings after Cervi blasted a solo shot, upped Lackey's ERA and the Yankees' shot at winning and after Grandy was hit in the hand in the 1st.

After Cervi's smack-in-the-back, both benches cleared but sadly, no Bad Sox were beaten to a pulp, not even Rat Face Pedroia, but CC retaliated  by hitting Jacob-y Ellsbur-y  to start the bottom of the 7th.

This is what I'm talking about! The Bad Sox are ALWAYS throwing at the Yankees and our boys in pinstripes are too classy/timid to throw back. CC did what other pitchers, including AJ, did not do: show those B*ston bitches that the Yankees are not going to take it.

Congrats to Cervi on his 3rd HR of the season, and also being so damn sexy when angry. DHAB and I both like this.

Update: DHAB confirmed that she likes this and all is right with the world.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

40 Is the New...65?

Yesterday, Jorge Posada turned 40 years old. A member of the revered and senior remaining Core Four, the Yankee DH - who also plays the catcher when Mo comes out and neither Martin nor Cervelli is ready to warm him - is considered by some fans to be too old for Pinstripes. While many may hold this to be true, there is a matter of respect that one should give to players who are of the venerable age to be considered senior citizens in the game, but really are just a smidge of a decade past being in his 20s.

 Cheers as Jorgey briefly gets off the bench for Mo's warm up on August 9th

Jorges hands off to Martin (this was that really cool game that I went to), who was on base at the bottom of the 8th and went to get in gear

Pretend Jorge were in any other field, take my field, public relations, for example. In New York, at his age, with his years of experience and successful track record, he would likely be an EVP at one of the top agencies like DeVries or Burson, or have his own agency that he runs to reflect his life's passion through the clients that he chooses. But in baseball years, he might as well be a number on the wall and a player at Old Timer's Day.

Yet, earlier this week, on an otherwise uneventful Monday, 41-year-old Jim Thome, once of the Good Sox (sans 2005 ring), hit his 600th home run - in the same game as his 599th home run - earning himself an accomplishment that only seven other men in the game have achieved. And he is still going.

When I was at the Yankees' game on Saturday, August 13th, sitting in the bleachers with the fans who both love to love the Yankees and love to express their disgust over them, Jorge hit a grand slam, his 10th in his career, and 6th highest all-time on the Yankees. After the initial madness, triple high-fives, screaming and clapping, which were followed a batter later with a curtain call, some of those around me began declaring "we just saw Jorge's last grand slam." Some agreed, some shook their heads, others kept silent. I rolled my eyes.

Not half an inning later, one of the "fans" behind us (whom the creatures around me called "Stub Hubbers") began talking loudly about how it was time for Jorge to retire and that the Yankees should announce it before the game was over. Clearly intoxicated on his multiple $11 beers - he even spent 15 minutes going on about what an amazing deal he got on chicken fingers and fries in a plastic bucket at Johnny Rocket's - the man was louder than most of the rest of the crowd and did not stop repeating his thoughts on Jorge.

What makes me sad, because I don't like change even though I welcome new Yankees quite happily, is that Mr. Loudmouth was probably right; Jorge won't be a Yankee for that much longer. It is hopefully another season, if only for the sense of comfort that a familiar lifer like Jorgey brings to the bench, but may just be 'til the Playoffs or sooner, as his recent out-of-game-time has made me worry. He is at the peak of retiring age, too much longer may seem desperate but it's long enough that we can all be thankful that we had him as part of our recent-decades core.

Plus, he's prime to have a number retiring ceremony and a heaping handful of Old Timer's Games down the line. It sounds like a pretty sweet time to be having at what is ultimately a young age for retirement.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legen- wait for it -dary

So, yeah, those Legends Suite seats that Pete got for Tuesday night's game were pretty, well, sweet.

We had a private entrance...

There was an air-conditioned bi-level restaurant with sit-down service and a buffet. None of us cared though, because there was a game going on! I've always said, why do people come to the stadium to sit in a bar or restaurant and watch the game on TV? The only exception is when it is 104 degrees and humid. These pics were shot when I popped in during the 6th to use the nicest ladies' room I've ever seen.

The lower level of the restaurant had nice memorabilia from the Yankees (behind glass cases or that shiz woulda been MINE!)

The Melk Man!

And there was a gelato bar, which I hit and asked for "the tiniest scoop of Cannoli gelato possible." This is what that looks like, also, the view from where I sat. We had a waitress, Lisa, who brought us food off of a menu that was in the drink holder at our seats, but gelato wasn't on the list, just soft serve.

Naturally, we each needed pics to prove we were there (even though we were on camera pretty much 85% of the game).

Pete was happy to get a pic with Jeter's ass

I was happy just to be feet from Grandy as he warmed up on deck

Corey did not stop smiling the entire time

I'm still not quite sure if Andrew believed where he was

Happiness and bonded forever by our Legen- wait for it -dary seats. Sooooo amazing.

On another note, AJ, WTF did you do to your hair? Did you think I would like it, 'cause you were wrong...

There are still more pics from this game coming. It'll be at least one more post. XOXO, Gossip Girl

Sweet Zombie Jesus! Did that really happen?

Was I just sitting in the first row of Section 19, excuse me, Legends Suite Section 19 at Yankee Stadium for the vs. Angels game?

Um, yeah. I was:

I was between the back of home plate and (the best part) the Yankees' on deck circle. I made eye contact. I waved. I blew a kiss or two and in general, had the most possible fun I could have had not actually sitting in the dugout.

Oh, hey, Derek. You come here often?

Paul Simon does (I've never wanted my name to be Cecelia more in my life)

Brett Brett! I know you heard me heard me!

Oh, AJ, I still believe in you (but please fix your hair)

More pics soon. Now, sleep. Gym in five hours.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beating the Off-Day Blues: First place was fun for the 20 hours, no?

Last night, the Yanks went down in 10 innings after Mo blew a save (I STILL LOVE YOU, MO!) in B*ston and put those ugly Red Bs back on top of the AL EAST. (ed: has anyone else noticed the only AL two teams above .600 are in the AL East? In the NL, it's just the Phillies above .600 and everyone else clawing for .575 tops? Yeah.)

At least the Yankees are back in town, withe the Angels' series starting tomorrow at 7:05 and I have much fun to look forward to this week, with at least one game on the horizon.

Be well, peeps, and feel better, Dave!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Double Hat Action Bronson Likes: Proximity to Cervelli

Unfortunately for her, it was not her proximity to Cervelli at the end of Saturday night's football score game but mine. On the plus side, I'm a really good friend and happily took many pictures of him just for her.
(click any photo to enlarge)
DHAB's exact words were "LOVE this!"
Cervelli entered after the Yankees scored most of their runs, and my view of him was like this:

Playing 3rd since Martin was behind the plate
 Work it out
 Then, at the bottom of the 8th, my view of Cervelli changed, and I saw him like this.

DHAB likes: her Cervelli flip book

Two Touchdowns and a Field Goal

And I was close to the Yankees again.

Super Close

Oh yeah

More pics tomorrow of the game, the second of a doubleheader, which started with Janelle and me in 420a watching the Yankees score 12 at the bottom of the first and ended 17-3 with us sitting in seats that were flashing spitting distance from the dugout.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How quickly can you do it?

Name all of the MLB teams, that is?

My wonderful, beautiful and delightfully silly intern, Hannah, posed me the question via Gchat yesterday afternoon. Apparently, I don't give her enough work because she says "Hey Jo, quick, name some obscure baseball teams."

I stop whatever press release I'm working on and start with the Pittsburgh Pirates, harkening back to one of my first blog posts and begin naming Southern and Western teams that no one really thinks of. Then, I take it as a test and start naming them all.

Hannah keeps saying "yeah, I got that one" but I persist with "Cleveland Indians" and "Toronto Blue Jays" until I think I've gotten them all.

I missed two. Two big ones. But I still did pretty damn well.

Your turn! Take two minutes, scan the United States (and that sliver of Canada) in your brain and try to name all of the MLB teams. Leave for me in the comments how you do.

Et tu, Hannah?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cuter than the All-Star Game, and Maybe More Exciting

Sorry, were you expected another live blog of the ASG? I'll admit, what I wrote last year was damn funny, especially when I got delirious near the end, but I had other things to do last night, and I watched on and off through the 6th.

On Saturday, after Jeter had that pretty good game and after giving his portion of the press conference, Joe Girardi came out on the field and played pitcher to his son's batter in center field.

I was watching the press conference on the big screen in the outfield with some other peeps when Girardi in warm-up gear, his son, wife and daughter came out on the field. His adorable daughter (I'm not sure if it was Lena or Serena) had previously been seen running in and out of camera during Girardi's portion of the P.C. and once on the field, ran around gathering balls hit by her brother.

The zoom-in shot to confirm it was him

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good job, Robbie

The Homerun Derby, perhaps the silliest of all baseball traditions save for mascots, was won last night by a Yankee. Robinson Cano beat the Devil (aka B*ston's Adrian Gonzalez) in the final round, blasting 12 HRs with only 6 outs. The extra adorable part? Robbie's father pitched to him.

You can watch a recap here or watch the embedded video below as long as I can have it:

He is just so damn cute when he celebrates, I can't even handle it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mr. 3003

On Saturday, July 9th, 2011, after the disappointment of a washed-out Friday game (that I was supposed to attend with Double Hat Action Bronson), Derek Jeter joined the 3000-hit club.

Of course, I was there. What did you expect?

Enjoy some pics taken from 203 and a little narrative on his 5-5 day that made Jeter the 28th man to hit more than 3000 hits in his career.
#2 is #1