Friday, January 21, 2011

On 28...

Today marks the dawn of my last day at age 28. Not significant in the baseball world, but important to me, and not just because I'm a self-centered Aquarius.


In 2009, when the Yankees won their 27th World Series title during my 27th year, I felt a very special connection to team because of that. In 2010, I had high hopes that the Yankees would win #28 in my 28th year and create a brilliant trend, leading to the Yankees 80th WS title in 2062.

But, no dice.

This year, if we can get the pitching up to snuff (Sorry, AJ) we have a shot at getting #28 in my 29th year. Will it be amazing, wonderful and probably make me cry? Yes. Will it be as special as it would have been had they won in my 28th year? Maybe or maybe not. They should just do it so I can find out already!

I miss you guys and can't wait to have more regular posts about baseball. Just think, only 69 more days until the home opener at Yankee Stadium. I'll be there and hope you will be too!


  1. You could write about baseball in the southern hemisphere in the off season - surely it exists south of the equator ...?

  2. Like in Rand McNally, where residents wear shoes on their hands and hamburgers eat people?

  3. Right, I bet they have crazy baseball games!

  4. Probably more like blernsball than baseball.