Monday, February 14, 2011

Lunch Break: It's a Beautiful Day

Hooray for Valentine's Day and all, but what has me excited today are these two things: it's currently 57 degrees and sunny in New York City and the Yankees' pitchers and catchers are reporting in Florida as I type this.

The talk so far has been about C.C.'s weight loss (which I've known about through my own extremely private, no-I-will-never-reveal-who-he-or-she-is source) from his reduced intake of Cap'n Crunch, but there have been rumblings about AJ, who is set to hit the bullpen tomorrow morning, including this NY Post blog article, where AJ is  quoted about the support from (sigh) his lovely wife.

Every conversation I have had about the 2011 Yankees season has included me as the lone defender of AJ Burnett. I do honestly believe that is going to come out of whatever bs he was in last year and make this a fantastic year. I only know this on my own dumb feeling and also the (maybe too blind) faith that I put in Yankees to perform as Yankees should.

On a related note, last week, Ashley was lucky enough to sit courtside at a Knicks Game. I don't know who they were playing, nor do I care, but I am quite jealous that she was literally feet from Joe Girardi, as pictured below:

Joe and his family at the Knicks on February 9, 2011 
(Image/Ashley N. Julian, the 1st. Photo assistant, Isabelle Julian)

I asked Ash to introduce herself to Joe and tell him about my blog but she had a rare bashful moment (and claimed he was too swarmed) so she didn't. Next time, Gadget!


  1. Maybe if you send cookies down to Tampa, they will fly down you and Ashley to thank you?

    Just a thought. xo

    -Action B

  2. You are always less than six degrees from a Yankee player. So close, yet so far away.

  3. Action - I don't think you've ever had a better idea. I'll be making baseball cookies over the long weekend. I hope they would fly me, Ashley and this girl I know named Rachel down too.

    Anonymous sir or madam - I am so much closer than anyone thinks. I mean, I know a girl named MLB, for crying out loud!

  4. Brees had a similar funk starting off the 2007 NFL season, but he roared back eventually. Nothing really came of that season for the Saints, but the following year Brees came w/i 16 yards of beating Marino's single-season passing record and then the next year, well, we all know what happened there :)

    So maybe AJ will come w/i 16 outs of breaking some other baseball dudes single season record or something?

  5. Drew Brees is a good guy at sports. I'd really love to see AJ show that potential too.